Bagels room arguably among the many delicious breakfast foods items around. Whether you gain the carb-loaded, grab-and-go act smothered through cream cheese, butter, or stuffed v fried eggs, cheese, and also breakfast meat, no matter just how you part it, bagels aren"t have to the best choice to kick-start your day.

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"Bagels room denser 보다 a slice of bread. That is what gives them a chewy texture, yet that also method they have an ext calories," Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, FAND, award-winning nutrition expert and also Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Best Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook, says, "Bagels have actually over three and also a half times the calories compared to a part of bread."

And when you may think so, totality wheat bagels aren"t in reality that much much better of an option since such a tiny amount of wheat flour is actually provided to make them. "Bagels labeling "whole wheat," may have added fiber, yet the calories will be the same or a little higher," Amido says, while also noting the bagels v toppings like chocolate, sesame seeds, or poppy seeds will carry more calories 보다 a plain bagel.

But let"s be honest, even though bagels room high in calories and also carbohydrates and also only have B-vitamins and some iron and also fiber because they room made through enriched flour, they"re really hard come resist. That said, Amidor defines that portion manage when eating bagels—think going for a mini bagel or just eating fifty percent of a regular-sized one—can assist make it a healthy option. "However, ns don"t support pulling out the center as it ends up together food waste," she said.

She also suggests pairing a bagel with various other healthy foods to develop nutrient intake and aid fill friend up.

"Because bagels don"t contain lot fiber, filling up through protein and fiber-filled vegetables can help keep you full for longer," Amidor says. "Top your bagel with protein like nut butter, crate salmon, or cooking eggs and pile high through vegetables choose lettuce, tomato, radishes, and also pepper."

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If you"re going come treat yourself, it"s crucial to recognize that as soon as you eat a bagel, lock go through a whole digestion procedure that can potentially have results on her body, both an unfavorable and positive, especially if they room consumed an ext frequently.

So what go happen?

Well, here"s a breakdown of exactly what happens when you eat a bagel regularly, return Amidor points out that there space no health consequences to eating a bagel on occasion. Paying attention to what you consume in the rest of your diet is also important when considering the truth below.

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It"s most likely no surprise that overdoing calorie consumption and also eating a excess of carbs could potentially lead to unwanted load gain. In fact, according to the national Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, the lot of calorie in a bagel has much more than doubled end the last 20 years.

"Eating too numerous bagels with about 500 calories each vs. 80 calories for one part of bread can lead come overeating and ultimately load gain," Amador said. "This would occur over time, relying on how plenty of bagels you space eating and the size of the bagels."