Is water coming into your home? A well constructed house v the ideal framing and also expertise is surely not qualified of withstanding the true pressures of nature. Escape the form of wood installed, even if it is if it’s in the framing, siding, soffit, fascia, or decking, rotted timber is never something that must be ignored. 

Over time, rotted wood have the right to pose a serious health and wellness hazard if retained untreated because that a lengthy time. Rotted wood deserve to start to degenerate and also lose it’s strength, making her home breakable to future damage.

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The best way to stop your lumber siding, framing, soffit, or fascia indigenous rotting is to very first take preliminary measures beforehand, but if you’re on this page, climate it is most likely that you currently have rotted wood, therefore let’s very first identify the rot and also fix the issue prior to you have this:

Picture from Aldersgate Center

The timber rot that you see over is severe example of what can take place to your house if friend let rotted lumber untreated for a lengthy time. Let’s dive into how long does it take for wood to rot from water if you’re beginning to have actually water comes in unexpectedly.

Don’t worry, water by itself is no going to make your timber rot ideal away. Right here are the 3 points that require to occur for your hardwood to start rotting:

Exposure (if any kind of wood siding is not painted then it can be vulnerable to rot)Warm TemperaturesMoisture

The reason I included exposure as one of the main causes of hardwood rot coupled through moisture is because outside air has thousands of corpuscle that encompass fungi. When this airborne fungi, merged with a humid climate, and also water, space in call with wood, this is as soon as wood rot will begin to happen.


If you live in Texas or a warm climate, then there might be a great chance that any type of wood you have actually exposed will rot. A mix of untreated lumber that is exposed, with heat temperatures, and continuous moisture will inevitably cause wood rot to occur.

If you have actually wood siding, painting it with high quality exterior paint every 3-6 years should extend the life of her siding from any type of rot. As a professional siding and also painting company, we extremely recommend installation Hardie Siding, i beg your pardon is a extremely rated fiber cement siding the will never rot and also can resist high humidity in the Houston, Texas areas. 


Here are some usual signs the your wood might be rotted and also may should be repaired instantly by a residence repair professional:

Fungus on certain areas of lumber that may show up to it is in white, yellow, or brownPeeling and also flaking exterior paintWood is brittle and also can be easily brokenWood deserve to be conveniently poked with with a fingerWood has actually an unexplained smellTermites or bugs room coming out (if you check out this happening, contact a insect control agency right away!)

Depending ~ above the form of wood, water by chin is not going to rot any wood. In cooler climates in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, brand-new York, etc., water is going to take longer for it to start causing damage to wood. If girlfriend live in a hot climate like Texas or Florida, water & humidity is an extremely common and this can regularly lead to wood rotting in a quick amount that time.

Most types of structural hardwood aren’t as basic to have actually rotted since they room often pressure treated. Press treated lumber is various than typical untreated wood and also can be found in a regional supply store such as Lowe’s or house Depot. Pressure treated wood is made with chemical preventive that aid make it much more resistant against the elements. 

With every one of the added preservatives and chemicals, wood is tho wood and also is still delicate to being rotted. 

Wood is untreatedThe wooded area is sitting in waterWater and/or air room is warm & humidThe area is in ~ or close to the groundWood is exposed to dirt
Wood is untreatedThe wooded area is in a hot climateThe wooded area is no painted with the suitable paintWood collects water ~ above a regular basis (from rainfall, leak in pipes pipes, or sprinklers)Wood is left uncleaned (applies to hardwood on the exterior which has siding, structural write-ups on a patio, fascia, soffit, or fencing)

No matter the circumstances described above, timber will at some point rot even if you repaint wooded areas every couple of years, use treated solutions, yearly cleaning, etc, after 10-25 years. If you have actually water leaking into structural hardwood from a roof or siding opening, you might want to contact a roofing and also siding company to settle the hole as quickly as friend can.

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If you currently have wood in your home, areas such together the siding, fencing, short articles on the outside, etc. Climate be ready for continuous maintenance. Right here are part preliminary measure to take:

Fill in any small cracks/holes with caulkCheck all areas of your home for any leaks during or after ~ rainfallPaint, stain, or seal wooded areasPressure to wash or scrub dirt of wood 

We evaluation every product thoroughly and we don’t just recommend any type of pressure washer. If you’re a homeowner looking to clean your residence or a contractor is need of a dependable portable push washer that have the right to withstand the check of time and exposure, we very recommend:

After reading this article, you can feel a little overwhelmed. This is very typical if your house has actually wood siding, soffits, and also fascia, or has actually unwanted cracks/openings about the exterior. This is why prior to buying a home, always do her research!

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