With Christmas just roughly the corner, the time to take it inventory of the drink cupboard and also ensure your supply is fit for purpose.

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Stocking up on her favourite drinks just prior to Christmas is an annual tradition (at the very least in the UK!) and also is one the is almost never forgotten.

In mine household, one of the spirits that practically exclusively makes an appearance roughly the festive season is Baileys.

But, because of this seasonal exclusivity, we regularly have a couple of half party of baileys leftover from the ahead year or even the year prior to that. Us regularly discovered ourselves asking, “Does Baileys go off” or “is this baileys, it s okay to drink?”. It contains cream therefore surely baileys goes turn off right?

Well, we wanted answers.

So we did part digging and also wrote increase our result in this lovely write-up just because that you!

What is Baileys?

Baileys irish cream is an irish Cream liqueur. It is an alcoholic liqueur flavoured with cream, cocoa and Irish whiskey.

To this day, Baileys is still produced in Ireland at a place called Nangor roadway in Dublin itself.

The drink was developed by a male named Tom Jago in 1971. The an inspiration behind the development of Baileys to be the ease of access of alcohol indigenous a adjacent distillery and also the desire to usage up surplus cream from a dairy product farm. Jago and also his team want to introduce an alcoholic beverage to the international industry that ‘didn’t taste punishing’.

Fun Fact: The an initial iteration of baileys actually had Nesquik.

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Ever because I started cooking I’ve to be fascinated by how various people’s approaches are and also how they ideal utilise the ingredients around them. Even the human living next door will have their own unique method of frying an egg or food preparation a salmon fillet.

This fascinating led me ~ above a journey throughout the globe to discover the countless practices and also traditions the people of food preparation has to offer. I believed you’d enjoy and find worth in sharing that journey through me so I developed Cooked Best! 

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