And now you’re wonder if you might use that very same homemade applesauce from last week’s family dinner.

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Or probably you’ve discovered some bottles of applesauce sitting in your pantry for the longest time.

And now you’re skeptical about if you need to use it this holiday season.


Whatever the scenario is at her end, because you room here, we think that your problem directs in the direction of the key question – just how long go applesauce last?

Or, just how to discover out if her applesauce has actually turned bad?

If you have actually such similar questions about applesauce, you will do it be happy to recognize that you’ve arrived on the appropriate page.

In this article, we’ll provide you all the insights about the longevity of applesauce. Or, what is termed as the shelf life and also storage the applesauce.

If you want to discover more, proceed reading.

How long Does Applesauce Last? go Applesauce go Bad?

Let’s first talk around store-bought applesauce. Save bought applesauce is easily accessible in a wide selection of varieties.

Thus, their shelf life will vary. So, your best bet to calculation their shelf stays is to check the manufacturer label while to buy a seasoned of applesauce.


Manufacturer labels will certainly either come v a best prior to date or expiration date.

If the comes with the finest before/ best by date, you deserve to consume it previous the date provided that you save it well.

However, once it comes to an expiration label, us would imply you just toss that out previous the expiry date.

The shelf life the applesauce additionally depends upon how you save it – opened or unopened.

Generally, unopened store-bought applesauce has a shelf life of about three to 4 months past its best before date.

Once opened and used, the applesauce will have actually a much shorter shelf life.

In case you forgot to refrigerate your opened up jar of apple sauce and left it end the counter overnight, you might still have the ability to use that in the morning.

However, look the end for indicators of rancid applesauce before using (we’ll discuss much more on the later).

More 보다 that, us don’t advise you to store your provided apple sauce almost everywhere outside the fridge.

Once you open up your scrumptious jar of apple sauce, it deserve to last for up to two weeks, listed that you store it in the refrigerator.

In fact, various manufacturers have various recommendations when it comes to maximum consumption days.

For example, Holmes to apologize Sauce recommends maintaining their opened applesauce for thirty days and also nothing much more than that.

Now, let’s rotate to fresh homemade applesauce. Many homemade applesauce does not contain any preservatives.

Thus, if you prefer making your very own applesauce in ~ home, we recommend you only make what’s forced for the day.

In situation you make extra and want to save it, you must fill it in an air-tight container and also transfer it right into the fridge.

Refrigerated homemade applesauce have the right to last friend for up to a week. If you desire to keep it longer, you deserve to freeze it.

How to Tell if Applesauce is Bad? Applesauce Shelf Life!

Whether you have actually left your provided applesauce over the respond to only to discover it in the morning or discovered a neatly packed jug in the kitchen shelf, you can conveniently tell if her applesauce has gone poor by looking out for details signs.

The an initial thing you have the right to do is examine the condition of the jar itself.

If some type of oil is leaking the end from the jar or if the is damaged in any way, it is a clear sign that you must toss the out.

If you don’t find any type of signs of damages on the jar, girlfriend can check the applesauce.


Most rancid applesauce will have actually some sort of molds on its surface ar or discolorations.

You can also give it a an excellent whiff. If it has actually an turn off smell quite than that is sweet aroma, possibilities are your applesauce has gone bad.

Also, stale applesauce will have actually a readjust in color. That usually transforms brownish as soon as the quality starts deteriorating.

If you can not make out by the smell and looks that it, you have the right to taste a small bit. If that tastes nothing like your normal applesauce, discard the entirety jar.

Store to buy applesauce has actually a longer shelf life since it contains some preservatives.

But as soon as you make it at home or acquisition organic applesauce, the chemicals present in the flesh of one apple room untreated.

Thus, when you leave fresh applesauce out in the open, it might oxidize (enzymatic browning) and cause your applesauce to revolve bad.



Applesauce is a delicious treat for both kids and adults. You have the right to either consume it as a healthy and balanced pudding or usage it to develop several sweet dishes.

Applesauce is not just tasty and also nutritious. But it likewise ranks among the many affordable food products.

You can also play through ingredients and also create your applesauce recipe. Every you need are part fresh apples, water, sugar, and also desired flavors to create some delicious applesauce.

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However, as soon as you room done making use of it, make sure to save the continuing to be in the refrigerator because that future use.