The Maltese is a toy dog breed the allegedly originated from the island the Malta.

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Despite the name similarity, Maltese were more than likely bred indigenous spitz-type dogs in south-central Europe to create a brand-new lapdog that was especially favored by children.

Their reproduction purpose to be to love and also be love which renders them a good family companion.

Sadly, dogs won’t be with us for our entirety lives yet depending top top the breed and size you may have actually the capability to spend more or much less time through your dog ~ above average.

So just how long do Maltese live and what deserve to you execute to rise their life span?

Are there any crucial breed-related health concerns that you should be looking the end for?

Maltese Life Expectancy

Due come their little size, the Maltese has actually fairly great longevity with a life expectancy of 12-15 years while the typical dog only reaches 10-13 years.

This obviously only applies to dogs that have died from natural causes.

The earliest Maltese dog come have ever before lived became twenty years old.

With the ideal care and love, friend can definitely increase the life expectancy by a few years. However why go the Maltese have actually such a lengthy lifespan contrasted to larger breeds?

Why Do tiny Dogs Live Longer?

It’s weird come think that pets from the same varieties can have such large differences in their life expectancy.

A Pomeranian deserve to statistically live practically 10 years much longer than a great Dane. So the longevity must have something to carry out with size.

Paradoxically, huge animal species tend to live longer than tiny species so why does this rule change within the very same species.

The reasons of this phenomenon are quite unclear but a examine with 80,306 dog on the breed‐related causes of death has had the complying with results:

There is evidence that tiny and large dog breeds room differentially susceptible to particular diseases, with huge dogs being an ext prone tomusculoskeletal, gastrointestinal and also neoplastic disorders, and little dogs to endocrine-related disease.

Hormonal and also genetic factors that have been found to modulate lifespan in design organismsalso vary substantially across big and tiny breeds.

Ageing: It’s a Dog’s Life

A an ext recent examine has uncovered that large breeds suffer an previously onset that senescence v an boosted rate that aging.

They also proved the the median lifespan that a dog significantly decreases once body fixed increases, especially in giant breeds.

A clear positive relationship in between the absolute price of aging and body mass to be detected, through the mortality hazard increasing an ext rapidly in larger breeds following the onset of senescence.

Ageing: It’s a Dog’s Life

Maltese wellness Issues

Now the we have actually clarified why Maltese dogs live much longer than bigger breeds, we desire to look at at their breed-related health and wellness problems and also main causes of death.

Always monitor your dog for any kind of signs the illness. Back many conditions can it is in fatal, they are also treatable if diagnosed in the beforehand stages. Yearly health and wellness checks in ~ the vet are a must.

Cardiovascular Disease

Heart problems are so typical in Maltese that they kind the number one reason of death.

Those defects deserve to be really fatal so friend will need to look out for beforehand signs including stunt growth, breathing problems, exhaustion or rarely often, rarely heartbeat.

Often times, surgery is necessary to exactly the issue. Because early heart conditions are asymptomatic, yearly screenings are advised to stop further damage or even heart failure.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

PRA is a heritable condition that influence a dog’s vision.

Either the rods deserve to be influenced leading come night vision ns (Nyctalopia) or the cones deserve to be affected leading come vision loss throughout the job (Hemeralopia).

Dogs v this illness don’t constantly show early on symptoms for this reason the an illness can develop unnoticed until adultery.

Symptoms include disorientation, bumping into objects, vision loss and dilated pupils.

Sadly, PRA can not be treated and also only slowed down with supplements. Only adopt dogs through an eye certificate, stating the their puppies do not inherit any type of hereditary diseases.

Portosystemic Shunt

Liver shunts are brought about by birth defects and also occur when a connection between the portal vein or one of its branches develops, allowing blood to shunt around the liver.

This is a significant concern in toy breeds but the survival rate is end 95%. Beforehand signs have the right to include bad muscle development, disorientation and seizures.

White Dog Shaker Syndrome

The shaker syndrome is a neurological condition that causes the dog come shake uncontrollably.

It is most typically seen in Poodles, Maltese or Bichons offering it the surname “white dog shaker syndrome”.

A dog in between one and six years might experience mild symptoms to severe shaking and also uncontrollable movements without experiencing any type of pain.

The main treatment because that the tremors entails steroids that can totally resolve the disease.

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Dental Issues

Small breeds, including the Maltese, often suffer from kept teeth, abnormalities or dental diseases.

Build-up tartar deserve to lead to gum and also root infections that may cause your dog’s this to fall out.

Misaligned teeth can reason a many problems and also will should be resolved with dentist braces.

If your Malty’s puppy teeth won’t loss out at the period of 4 months, they might start to overcrowd the adult teeth, preventing them from growing naturally i beg your pardon can cause infections and also cavities.

Cleaning your dog’s this regularly and also sending him to check-ups every year will prevent any type of serious this damage.

How To increase Your Maltese’s Lifespan

Owning a dog is a wonderful thing and we all want them to reap a healthy, happy and also meaningful life.

Although lock will only share a part of your life v us, we have the right to influence various determinants that will considerably increase her Malty’s lifespan.

Choosing the right Breeder

Achieving maximum health and wellness for your companion starts best at the start when you pick a puppy.

Correct breeding is the foundation of a healthy and also confident dog.

Always firmly insist to see the health and wellness certificates that the parental to ensure the they don’t carry any hereditary diseases.

Pay distinct attention to the breed-related worries that commonly influence Maltese.

The puppies need to live in a clean and also calm environment preferably v both parents.

They should be vaccinated, dewormed and also at least 8 main old prior to going into a new home.

Read my overview on all 17 questions You need to Ask her Potential Breeder i beg your pardon will help you determine a responsible breeder.

Furthermore, make certain that you perform your research around the breed. Over there is a plethora that information accessible online about Maltese, their needs, history, and health.

Health Care

Thorough health treatment is a should to ensure that no underlying diseases remain unnoticed.

Early therapy is the finest thing that can happen to your dog in case of a diagnosed illness.

Take your dog come the vet regularly and also take benefit of yearly health checks and dental cleaning.

If your dog shows indicators of uncomfortable or sickness, take it him to the vet immediately.


You have actually probably heard that the saying “you space what girlfriend eat.” Nutrition defines your health, energy and also wellbeing.

Feeding her dog high-quality dog food that is tailored to her dog’s needs will support healthy and balanced aging.

If you are not certain whether to select dry, wet or life food then speak to a certified pets nutritionist to acquire some tips and also guidelines on various diets and also supplements.

A well-balanced diet will save your dog’s this clean, his coat shiny and his body healthy.

Quality Time and Bonding

Spending plenty of high quality time through your dog ~ above a everyday basis is a definite factor in his overall health.

A solid bond significantly boosts his happiness and reduces stress, therefore, increasing his life expectancy.

Nutritiouring and also improving this partnership will come with so many benefits as well as mental and physical health.

True affection will make her dog autumn in love through you. Friend will recognize him far better than anybody and also you will certainly be the an initial one to acknowledge if something is wrong v him.

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Sufficient practice is a have to for every dog owner. If every each other has different needs, they every require daily mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Toy each other don’t need as lot physical exercise as larger breeds but that doesn’t typical that castle don’t desire to be exercised.

Brain gamings or teaching new tricks are good ways come tire out your little dog indoors. Brief walks with numerous sniffing and also exploring will keep him satisfied.

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Preventing Trauma

Trauma is the leading cause of fatality in puppies and toy breeds space physically very similar to puppies and are vulnerable to fatal injury.

Their little size and also weight considerably increase the hazard of trauma compared to big breeds.

Avoid resting with your Maltese in bed at night and keep an eye on him when walking around the residence to stop accidentally tripping end him.

Teach your kids how to take care of your Malty accordingly and don’t allow any unstable play that could hurt the dog.

For safe transport in the car, use the GENORTH Dog vehicle Seat and always keep the buckled up.

When leaving the house, leash your dog and avoid overly overfilled places.


Supervision doesn’t protect against after puppyhood.

Thousands that dogs die every year because of trauma, car accidents, gulp down of toxics and other causes that could be easily prevented by supervision.

Keeping her dog top top the leash outdoors and also preventing her dog indigenous running external the door are two vast points that will minimise the possibility of trauma outside.

But likewise your own home deserve to be a health and wellness hazard. Cleaning products, drugs, fertilizer, houseplants, and also toxic food are all potentially dangerous to her canine friend.

Armed v this knowledge, ns hope that you will certainly enjoy numerous happy and healthy years with your remarkable Maltese!

Teacup Maltese Lifespan

The Teacup Maltese is a smaller sized version that the Maltese with a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

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They reach around 8-10 inch in height and only 2-4 pounds in weight. Because of their compact size, they are much more prone to construct health issues contrasted to the constant Maltese.