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If you’ve simply finished developing a good video, you’ve uploaded it to YouTube, the handling time can seem prefer it bring away ages. However how lengthy does YouTube take it to process a video actually?

I’ve uploaded countless videos, from short videos that were just a couple of seconds and were just in 1080p, come videos that exceeded the hour mark and also were in fresh 4K. One point that never ever seems to obtain old is the time it takes because that YouTube to procedure videos.

What is video processing and why does it take it so long?

When girlfriend upload a video to YouTube, a number of things are happening which deserve to take a most time come complete. YouTube is compressing your original video file, this is why you may notice some top quality loss once you download her original file from YouTube. This is a an excellent example of this from MKBHD.

Additionally, YouTube is making duplicates of this record in a variety of different formats. If you click the gear icon that a video, you’ll watch that you have the right to watch a video in 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p (HD), 1440p, etc. Every the means up to the maximum quality that you uploaded the video clip in. This means that if you uploaded a typical 1080p video file, YouTube requirements to do 5 various versions!


Why space my videos blurry top top YouTube after uploading?

A usual occurrence once you upload a video to YouTube and then automatically watch the is to find a lot blurrier and also lower quality version the the video clip you actually uploaded. Before you go and also delete the video, this is normal and also happens very often. 

Your videos are blurry top top YouTube after uploading because YouTube hasn’t finished processing the HD variation of your video clip yet. It’s finished making the lower quality version and also got them prepared to distribute, i beg your pardon is why you see a video clip often in 240p, 360p, or 480p quality, even if you uploaded a 4K or HD video.

Another common problem might be that you have actually a bad internet connection, or had actually a poor internet connection at the time of watching the video. YouTube tries to cater to human being all approximately the world, native viewers v high-speed web to viewers who access the app on their phone v a 3G connection. Come make sure videos pat smoothly for every users, YouTube immediately selects the video clip resolution that ideal matches your internet speed. 

If you have a slow-moving connection, this way you will most most likely be placed onto a 240p or 360p resolution version of the video. If you pick a greater resolution in the settings, you may suffer from video clip buffering together your net cannot download the video clip data fast enough for it to play smoothly.

Top reminder to make certain your videos are completely processed as soon as publishing

Whenever friend upload a video clip to YouTube, schedule your video at least an hour in advance. This should allow enough time for the high-quality version of your video to process entirely and also for beforehand viewers to get the full quality that the video and stop some complaints about poor video clip quality. 

If you have a renowned channel, this is something you deserve to experience where world will clock your video within the first pair of minute after uploading. Make sure they also have the best experience by scheduling her videos an hour or 2 (at least) in advance.

Ideally, however, girlfriend would desire to schedule your video clip well in advance for when your viewers are many active. You have the right to use TubeBuddy for this, the complimentary extension will certainly let you understand the bulk of her audience is active, and then you have the right to schedule the video in breakthrough so it is published at the finest time feasible so castle can aid push its performance initially. 

(You can also find once your viewers space most active in her analytics if you don’t want to try TubeBuddy)

P.s. Another tip for reducing the processing time if you just want to publish your videos immediately is to invest the video processing time optimizing your video title, tags, descriptions, and also thumbnail. This is miscellaneous you must do regardless, yet if you uncover yourself twiddling her thumbs wait for it to finish, try improving your video clip optimization in the meantime.

What to perform if your YouTube video processing is stuck

If your video clip hasn’t finished handling after a couple of hrs then it may be stuck. This might be as result of your web connection, a heavy upload time period, or a facility file format. If you discover your video to be stuck processing, i recommend uploading your paper again.

Do no delete the very first upload together it may simply be processing slowly. As soon as one the the uploads has actually finished uploading and also processing, you have the right to delete the various other one. These files are all exclusive until friend publish them, so friend don’t have to worry about your viewers seeing double.

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If you, however, watch that both uploads are stuck, climate it might be time to examine whether you have actually a good internet connection, try uploading again in ~ a different time, or the main cause is probably the format that she uploading the file in. 

Check the end this article from YouTube for a perform of the ideal settings for exporting video files top top YouTube.