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We’ve all been there–you’re prepared to make a very delicious sandwich or a healthy salad, and also when you go to take a tomato, you notification it’s soft and squishy. Few things are much more annoying 보다 fruits or veggies gone bad too soon, especially when your recipe phone call for among them. Therefore how specifically do you prolong the life the a tomato? should you save it out at room temperature, or will refrigerating it keep it new longer? If you have been wondering if your tomatoes will last much longer in the fridge, there’s no must look any further since we have uncovered the answer tomato lovers almost everywhere are searching for!

Tomatoes last much longer in the refrigerator. The trick is, you have to make sure that they are completely ripe before you refrigerate them. You likewise need to store them in the appropriate container. If you do all this, you deserve to expect her tomatoes to last around 7-10 days in the refrigerator fairly than 2-3 days sitting the end on the counter.

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The topic of tomato warehouse is a highly debated one, so if you have been questioning whether you’re doing the best thing by putting your tomatoes in the refrigerator, inquiry no more. Us have all of the answers you need on this subject. So resolve in, and we will administer you with all of the details below!


Tomatoes the Last

Anyone friend ask will likely tell you that maintaining tomatoes in the frozen fridge isn’t a an excellent idea since they often tend to shed their flavor once stored over 55 levels Fahrenheit. However, if you aren’t plan to usage a tomato in ~ the very first day or two that that ripens, it’s probably best to placed it in the fridge. However, you should do two really important things before and after you placed them in the refrigerator.


Make certain They are Ripe

Before you also think about putting castle in the refrigerator, her tomatoes must be ripe. If they are not, refrigeration is not recommended since the tomato will certainly taste significantly worse than if you let that ripen on the counter.

So just how do girlfriend tell if they space ripe? Tomatoes need to feel firm yet not hard, and also when you press on them, you will certainly feel them offer somewhat. However, they have to not be soft. The shade is likewise an indicator. For example, if you have actually a red range of tomato, the tomato have to be red and not orange or green.

Once they space ripe, make sure that you move them come the refrigerator fairly quickly if you aren’t planning to use the tomatoes in the following day or two. Try to put them in the fridge the very same day the they ripen.

Bring Them ago To Room Temperature

When you take it them out of the refrigerator, food experts agree that you must bring them back to room temperature before using or offer them. Law this will reclaim some the the flavor that they lost during refrigeration. Acquisition your tomato out around 30 minutes prior to serving them must be sufficient.

How perform You keep Tomatoes In The Refrigerator?


So if you execute decide the you want to preserve your tomatoes for as long as possible, there are some procedures to take once refrigerating them. We currently discussed that they must be ripe when you placed them in the fridge and that you need to carry them earlier to room temperature before using them, yet what around when they room actually in the refrigerator?

Storing Tips

When you put your tomato in the refrigerator, it’s best to store them in a ziplock bag the is strictly sealed or placed them in an airtight container. This goes for both entirety tomatoes and cut tomatoes.

Another guideline is to keep them in a location in your refrigerator the is the warmest. Since most fridges are set around 35 levels Fahrenheit and also the suitable storage temperature for tomatoes is 55 degrees Fahrenheit; then it only makes sense that the warmest spot is optimal. Most agree the the warmest ar is the frozen refrigerator door.


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How long Do cut Tomatoes last In The Fridge?


Whenever you reduced up a tomato, you deserve to no much longer store it in ~ room temperature, and it must be placed in the fridge. Placed the cut-up sections of the tomato in a ziplock or plastic container. Unfortunately, once it is cut, that won’t last as lengthy in the refrigerator as a whole tomato.

Cut tomatoes only last about 2-3 days when refrigerated. Remember, similar to whole tomatoes, friend should bring the cut tomatoes back to room temperature before serving.


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How do You keep Tomatoes for A Month?

If you want to keep tomatoes for a month or more, over there is one really easy means to achieve this without requiring any special tools or facility processes. You have the right to pop her tomatoes in her freezer!

If you have actually extra tomatoes the you can’t seem to use ideal away, girlfriend can always freeze them. Freezing tomato is quite simple. Wash the tomatoes, and also then dried them off. You deserve to either cut the tomato up or leave it whole. Climate you placed it in a ziplock bag or an airtight freezer-safe container. Ensure that you get every one of the air out of the container before putting it in the freezer.

Your tomato won’t just last a month; they deserve to last as much as 3-6 months in the freezer! professionals say that the tomato’s taste likely won’t it is in as an excellent as it as soon as was, but it could be worthwhile if you have a the majority of tomatoes on her hands and you don’t want them going to waste.

What have the right to You do With Extra Tomatoes?


If you have extra tomato on hand and you want to usage them before they go bad, there are so numerous things you have the right to do with them! whether you want to do a dish, a sauce, a soup, or have the right to them; your tomatoes deserve to really walk the distance.

The very first thing that concerns most people’s mental is to do your very own tomato sauce. Salsa is another great way to usage extra tomatoes. Over there are additionally a lot of soups you can make through your tomatoes. If you aren’t fairly ready to usage your tomatoes and want to conserve them because that a later on date, you can always can them or frozen them.


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Some final Words ~ above Refrigerating Tomatoes

Tomatoes have the right to last rather a if in the frozen refrigerator as lengthy as they are completely ripe. Save in mental that some of the flavor will certainly be compromised from refrigeration, but in the end, it’s her call–flavor or longevity. If you deserve to eat her tomatoes quickly, then by all means, save them out of the fridge, yet if not, climate the refrigerator could be the right place for your tomatoes.

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