The Rouen duck is among the tamed breeds of duck species. That is thought to build from the wild mallard duck. Castle make one of the most acquainted table breeds. Rouens are very slow to achieve maturity age.

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They space mainly well-known by their light brown plumage and is also the lighter version of the mallard species.

They have actually long and also deep body together with the flat green-yellow bill. Rouens are fairly lazy birds.

The legs room brick-red in shade while the head is massive.

A woman lays 35 – 125 eggs every year. They take it time to achieve maturity.

They have got webbed feet which permit the bird to swim quite efficiently. Rouens are able to swim even in icy water and also their feet execute not get cold. However on land castle walk rather in an unorthodox fashion.

Males are recognized as ‘drake’ if females are dubbed ‘hen’.

The feathers on the tail are hard and also stiff. This are known by ashy-brown color.

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Rouens have quick but large wings.

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