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If you desire a chatty, intelligent bird come share your home, then the dry mynah bird is the pet for you. Its striking features and also friendly personality make this bird a favorite among bird enthusiasts who consider the mynah among the best avian mimics of person speech, second only come the gray parrot.

Common Names: Mynah bird, myna bird, mina bird, maina bird, usual mynah, hill mynah, Indian mynah

Scientific Name: Acridotheres tristis (common mynah), Gracula religiosa (hill mynah)

Adult Size: 12 come 18 customs long

Life Expectancy: 12 come 25 years

origin and background

Mynah birds come native the Sturnidae or starling family members of birds. A softbill species, this bird is indigenous to Africa, India, south-east Asia, and Indonesia. It has been extensively introduced and also now stays in most of the civilization in the wild. In ancient Greece, the mynah bird was an aristocractic pet.

The indigenous “mynah” comes from the Hindu word maina, and the Sanskrit word madana, which method "delightful and also fun-loving." In Indian literature, the bird has actually several names, including kalahapriya (one who is fond that arguments), chitranetra (picturesque eyes), peetanetra (one through yellow eyes), and peetapaad (one with yellow legs).

The 2 main types of mynah birds maintained as pets are the hill mynah and also the common mynah. The hill mynah is the selection most west pet owners obtain as a pet and is the one that deserve to "speak" like a human. The common mynah is many often thought about a pest and is one of the most invasive bird types in the world. It was introduced into non-native habitats to aid curb insects. The bird to be a success together a bug killer, yet the territorial usual mynah frequently displaced aboriginal birds and also depleted your food supply.

A 3rd variety, the Bali mynah, is a rare, critically intimidated species. Fewer than 100 Bali mynahs exist in the wild.


Mynah birds room lively, society birds and have wonderfully outgoing personalities. It is friendly, clever, and also adapts fine to life in cages, which makes it wonderful pet that will certainly breed in captivity. Hand-raised babies are totally socialized with humans and often make better pets. Together young birds, they are easier to tame and train to talk. Castle enjoy person interaction yet are not fond of cuddling or discovering tricks.

Younger bird adapt conveniently to brand-new environments and situations. Disclose your new bird beforehand to various people, including both sexes, different age groups, and brand-new situations, together as vehicle trips, access time to the vet, and seeing various rooms that the house. A mynah bird usually bonds closest come the person who provides it the most attention, does decided training, and also feeds and also cleans the cage.

Mynahs may strike smaller birds. If you keep an ext than one bird variety, it's finest to keep them separate from mynah birds.

Speech and also Vocalizations

If you gain a mynah bird together a pet, be prepared for it to do much more than repeat things you say. These birds have actually a broad and varied vocalization arsenal that has whistling, screeching, and other noises that are oddly human-sounding. 

Hill and common mynahs room renowned for their ability to mimic the person voice. They can learn approximately 100 words. The crucial to teaching her bird come talk is repetition and also patience. Select the word or expression you want it to find out and plainly say the word, repeating the over and over again.

Mynah Bird Colors and also Markings

The hill mynah has a black body, one orange-reddish bill, and yellow feet and legs. Its cousin, the usual mynah, has actually a dark-brown body v a black head and also throat, and a yellow beak and also feet. The rare and endangered Bali mynah has actually a white body and also black advice on the wings and also tail and has blue around its eyes and also a yellow bill. Both sexes space monomorphic, which way they look alike. Other than genetic trial and error or seeing which bird lays the eggs, over there is no actual reliable means to tell castle apart.

Caring for the Mynah Bird

Mynah birds are an extremely active and also enjoy hopping about from perch to perch. They require a huge cage; the minimum cage size for one mynah bird need to be 4 feet wide, 2 feet high, and around 2 feet deep. The cage should have several perches set at differing heights and of different widths, diameters, and textures. Variable perch types allow for foot exercise. Organic perches are the best to use.

Provide a colony box for the bird to sleep in. Save its cage away from breezes and also cover the cage in ~ night to stop drafts. Also, do not placed the cage near the kitchen together mynahs space sensitive come smoke and strong odors.

Mynah birds favor to take it baths, so administer a bowl or dish that is huge enough because that them to splash roughly in a pair of inches of warmth water. Baths assist birds keep their plumage by remove dust, dander, loose feathers, and also bird mites, while likewise providing moisture. Waiting conditioning and heating equipment in houses can dry out a bird's skin. Girlfriend can additionally mist her mynah with a spray bottle. Do not placed your bird in the shower; the spray native the showerhead might be also strong.

typical Health troubles

Mynahs have a bias to developing specific liver problems and hemochromatosis or iron storage disease. In mynah birds, hemochromatosis seems connected to high diet iron intake. Carefully manage the quantity of steel you provide in the diet.

Diet and also Nutrition

In the wild, the hill mynah's diet is largely fruit. Meanwhile, the typical mynah is omnivorous, eating fruit, nectar, and insects.

In captivity, feed your mynah bird pet a softbill pellet mix that has actually 18 percent protein, 8 percent fat, and also a very little iron to assist counteract a disease caused through malabsorption that iron. Pellets need to be around 50 percent of their diet.

You can carry out ripe, sweet banana, apple, dates, grapes, peaches, mango, papaya, orange, pineapple, pear, plum, and watermelon. Protect against too many bananas because they save on computer a the majority of sugar. Perform not feed dried fruits that are high in iron, such together raisins. Remove the seeds in fruits; they may be toxic. Also, avoid providing green vegetables that space high in iron like peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. Make certain vegetables and also fruits are reduced into bite-sized pieces; mynahs don't chew your food.

You deserve to supplement your diet through mealworms, crickets, or waxworms. If reproduction your mynahs, mealworms must consist of at the very least 5% that the breeding pair's diet and should be available for the mom to feeding the infant birds.

As a dominance of thumb, start off by giving your bird 1/4 cup that pellets and 1/4 cup that fruits and also vegetables daily. Boost the amount together needed. Eliminate the uneaten foods to stop spoilage.


Mynah birds require exercise and also should be permitted out of your cage everyday for at least an hour. Prior to you let her bird out of your cage, make sure that you have actually closed every one of the windows and also doors, turned off ceiling fans, and remove other indoor animals.

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Mynah birds enjoy playing through toys, such as mirrors, bells, bottle caps, and other little items. Playthings will keep them engaged. Stop rope toys due to the fact that they deserve to get captured in your bird’s tongue or toenails.