I’m i m really sorry this isn’t as serious as most. It’s it s okay to absent me. Critical night, my wife and also I to be watching an amazing terrible movie called Deep Blue Sea. I had actually to google because that an hour to answer a question that would change the plot that the movie, yet found nothing.

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Question: if your eight is bitten turn off by a shark just above the elbow, might you theoretically apply a tourniquet just above the wound and leave that there well over two hours as you’re no trying to conserve anything as well as blood loss and also such?


I would certainly say the actual answer is as lengthy as that takes come treat the injury. When you placed a tourniquet top top you're essentially making the decision to potentially sacrifice every little thing is downstream from the tourniquet to save the patience from bleeding to death. Generally, in the field, you should not be removing tourniquets.


Everytime i hear about tourniquets being offered in very first response, i wonder exactly how many people are doing it just because movies tell them "grab a belt!", rather of just using pressure press pressure.

Military very first aid is an extremely clear; don't. Unless that human being is falling turn off this mortal coil, protect against tourniquets.

It depends a lot on particular circumstances. Come answer your details questions, yes: if her goal is saving the life and you're willing to sacrifice the limb, climate you can leave the tourniquet on pretty much indefinitely. The end an outcome of this would be amputation in ~ or slightly above the level the the tourniquet. If you leave it on for a an extensive period, you'll must be extremely mindful taking it under as you can introduce a lot of bad stuff right into circulation which can potentially kill the patient.

If you want to save the limb, girlfriend don't have as lot time yet the specific answer isn't well established. At 15 minutes, patients begin to obtain a the majority of tourniquet pain, yet the body isn't in reality in peril at this point. The typical "max tourniquet time" because that elective surgical situations is 2 hours, after which the recommendation is come deflate the tourniquet for at the very least 30 minutes after i beg your pardon you have the right to put a tourniquet back on. That time is a bit of an expert consensus based upon a couple of things. Rate of infection boosts with raised tourniquet time, etc. Come my understanding I haven't seen a examine on rate of body loss or mortality with enhanced tourniquet time, but there may be some records describing that in the larger literature.

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Most that the recent literature on the subject is related to ar tourniquets in battle zones. That exercise has substantially improved battlefield survival and also limb salvage rates. Tourniquets are inserted ASAP in the field as high together possible, and also aren't taken down until the patient's do it to the OR. The moment the tourniquet is placed should be clearly marked and can help in triage. At the finish of the work under these circumstances world are ready to trade endangering the body for conserving the life. A recent record was published following the Boston battle showed no body loss concerned use of ar tourniquets.