In life, us are sometimes presented through some hard choices. Options that have actually a clear right and a clear wrong — however those alternatives can start to obtain a tiny fuzzy if girlfriend look in ~ them for too long. Yes, under specific circumstances, v a details amount that stress and also a particular amount the not-very-logical thinking, the wrong selection can start to look very (very) right.

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for instance, her turkey is frozen solid. And also you’d really like to get it un-frozen gradually to do that very impressive cooking recipes you tore out of the newspaper on your friend’s coffee table. What carry out you do? can you leave a turkey out to thaw overnight, perhaps? The short answer is no. Right here are the wrong means to thaw her bird and the safest method to thaw a turkey.


I understand what you’re thinking: It’s a large turkey. It’s frozen solid. It will certainly be completely fine chillaxing on the respond to overnight. Didn’t Grandma carry out that? It’s fine. but no, it’s no fine. Not also tucked in with your favourite blanket and also a hot water bottle.

While you can sometimes obtain away with doing this for your pork chops or a couple of chicken breasts that you’re food preparation for dinner (although, don’t tell the USDA), huge meats favor turkeys and roasts take it much much longer to thaw. When the exterior of the turkey thaws to above 40°F, that enters the “danger zone,” and also any bacteria current in the meat will begin to main point rapidly. Part bacteria, such together Staphylococcus aureus, produce a toxin that have the right to make you ill. Although many of the bacteria will be killed throughout cooking, the “staph” toxin is heat-resistant and will make it through the warm of the oven.


Okay, therefore if thawing ~ above the respond to is out, what around dunking the turkey in hot water to rate things up? Sorry, amigo — when a hot bath does certainly soothe countless woes, it’s not the best solution for your frozen turkey situation.

Warm or warm water will push the turkey into the temperature danger zone also faster 보다 leaving that on the counter. Bacteria also multiply more quickly at warmer temperature (and create much more toxins), for this reason you have actually an even smaller window of time to work with. And with something as big as a turkey, that window just isn’t big enough.


If you’re thinking a warm blow dryer will make every your troubles go away, I’m gonna protect against you best there. What works in the movies will not offer you or your family members a happy ending this holiday season.

It all comes back to that “danger zone.” also with something as warm as a punch dryer — and even if you are able come thaw the inside and also the external at the exact same time — it’s really hard to gain that turkey thawed in ~ a safe period. Plus, you’ll most likely blow a fuse in the process.


Thawing your turkey is one time once you simply don’t desire to mess approximately or take shortcuts. Food poisoning throughout the holidays is something no one wants to experience. Select one of these options instead.

the takes a couple of days in the refrigerator to thaw a turkey — about 24 hours for every five pounds the turkey — so plan ahead for this one. ~ above the upside, the is the safest way to thaw her turkey. When thawed, you can keep the turkey in the refrigerator for another two days before cooking it.

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If you require your turkey thawed a little more quickly, you have the right to submerge the in water, yet there room two big caveats: the water should be cold, and you need to adjust the water every 30 minutes. This ensures the the turkey stays below the peril zone throughout thawing. Estimate around 30 minutes for every pound of turkey.

If friend don’t have time for either the those thawing methods, climate you have actually one critical resort: chef your turkey frozen. Yes, you deserve to actually roast a fully frozen turkey in your oven (just don’t deep-fry or grill it), and this makes a darn great turkey in time for Thanksgiving dinner — crispy skin and all. It’s also a lot safer option than leaving the on the counter or any kind of other shortcuts you could be tempted come try.