If you’ve never hung a shower curtain before, it can be intimidating to know just how high to cave it. Hanging it too low will certainly let the curtain drag on the ground, collecting germs and also dirt. Too high, ~ above the various other hand, and the curtain will certainly look as well short. We’ve discovered the ideal elevation for a shower head curtain to help you gain the best fit.

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You have to hang the shower curtain rod 3 to 5 inches higher than the size of the curtain. Due to the fact that most shower head curtains room 72 inch long, this means that you need to hang the rod 75 come 77 inch high, relying on the dimension of the rings or hooks. This is high sufficient to keep the curtain’s tail off the floor however low enough to permit it to execute its job.

The an excellent news is the you have actually plenty of flexibility on exactly how high to hang your curtain. Yet if you want to be sure you’re doing it the right way, don’t worry due to the fact that we’ve excellent the research and can aid your curtain watch great! For an ext details on shower curtain heights, to add a step-by-step overview on just how to execute it, please keep reading.


How high perform you cave a shower curtain?

The height of her shower curtain is flexible and depends on your preferences. However, there space some tips you have to follow to make certain you’re obtaining the many out of her curtain. The rule of thumb is to put the shower head curtain rod 3 to five inches higher than the shower head curtain’s length. In ~ the least, you want the curtain to hang at least six inches previous the rim of the tub.

Hanging the rod greater has the impact of make the restroom ceiling show up taller. This is crucial if you want to produce the impression that the toilet is bigger than it actually is.You can also find extra lengthy shower curtains. This lets you cave the curtain greater than regular while tho letting the tail hang low enough. This curtain is 84 customs long, a full foot longer than a typical shower curtain.


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Should A shower head Curtain ever before Hit The Floor?

A shower curtain need to not touch the floor, though it may come in ~ an inch or two of it. A shower curtain the drags top top the floor collects dust and also gets stained much more easily.

On the various other hand, make certain the shower curtain liner hangs low sufficient to keep all the water in the tub. The shower head curtain itself have to hang low enough to cover plenty that the bath tub lip.

Curtain height for shower head Pan

A shower head pan is designed only for showering, no for filling a tub. The shower pan will frequently only have actually a lip a couple of inch high. This makes hanging a shower curtain various than in a bathtub. If you have actually a shower pan instead of a bathtub, you’ll desire the edge of the curtain come drop below the lip the the pan by at the very least an inch. There is no as much flexibility since you have less room to work-related with on the lip.

What Is The Proper means To hang A shower Curtain?

1. Measure and mark

First, you’ll require to understand the length of your shower curtain and liner. Again, 72 inch is standard, however you could have a different length. Also, number out the size of the rings or hooks that you’ll use. This autumn will influence the ar of the curtain rod. The ring shown listed below will add approximately 2 inches to the size of the curtain.


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Then, decide how far off the floor you’d choose the tail of the curtain come be. Remember that the curtain have to ideally drop listed below six inches of the tub’s lip to avoid water indigenous dripping. Add this amount to the size of the curtain and also hooks.

When you room satisfied with the calculation height, measure and also make a little mark in ~ the same elevation on both shower walls. Don’t issue if it’s not perfect or you’d like to adjust it later due to the fact that most shower head curtain rods space not permanent and can be adjusted easily. Usage a mite or pencil, which will certainly wipe far if you’ve make a mistake.

2. Cave the curtain rod

Many curtain rods space what we call tension rods. This means that the just thing holding the stick in location is tension versus the 2 walls. Each finish of the stick usually has actually silicone or rubber tips so the they deserve to grip the wall. Tension rods telescope right into themselves, so you deserve to make them much longer or shorter by unscrewing them.


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To placed up a stress and anxiety rod, unscrew the to virtually the complete length in between the walls. Once you have the rod unscrewed, almost as long as you’ll want it, put it on height of the marks girlfriend made earlier. Unscrew the the rest of the way until the is wedged in between the 2 walls.

If you’re not making use of a tension rod and also instead have actually a screw placed rod, monitor the direction on the packaging. Use the brackets at the location of the marks friend made earlier.

3. Placed on the hooks or rings

Most shower head curtain hooks require you to use force to open up the gap so that they can fit approximately the rod. Others, prefer the ones below, have an interlocking mechanism to hold them in place. Others are simply hooks that rest on the optimal of the rod.


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If you’re utilizing a curtain that doesn’t require hooks (like the one presented below), this action will look contempt different. Rather of hanging the rings, slide the curtain straight onto the rod.


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4. Cave the curtain and liner

Using the same method as once you placed the rings on the rod, open them up enough to acquire the shower head curtain and also liner into the ring. Do the liner very first and make sure it is top top the tub-side of the hook. Climate hang the curtain, making certain it’s ~ above the outside.

For a clean look, make sure all the hooks’ openings space uniformly encountering into the shower. Spread out the curtain the end to make certain it watch the way you’d like and also that it move correctly. Placed the curtain’s tail external the bath tub and make certain it hangs in ~ a elevation you like, and do the very same with the liner on the inside of the tub.

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How lengthy Should A shower Liner Be?

A shower head curtain liner need to be as long as the shower curtain itself. Most shower curtain liners room 72 inches lengthy — prefer curtains themselves — yet can come in extra long sizes.

A shower head curtain liner’s score is twofold: to defend the shower curtain native water damage and keep water in the shower, no the toilet floor.A liner’s tail need to hang inside the bath tub wall, when the curtain must hang exterior of it. Thus, once the water hits the liner, that runs earlier into the bath tub instead of outside the shower.

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In Closing

You have actually a many of versatility when hanging a shower head curtain. However, if you’d like a tried-and-true means to make sure that that looks good, cave it three to 5 inches greater than the length of the curtain. For more specificity, include the curtain’s length, the drop of the hooks, and how far off the ground you’d prefer the curtain’s tail to be. The curtain’s goal is to hang low enough that no water deserve to escape and so the the tail covers in ~ least half of the tub’s lip.