If you are doing any type of remodeling in her bathroom, one of the first things that obtain replaced is her fixtures. Changing these out every few years is a quick and easy method to upgrade your space. If many civilization may just immediately hang their new fixtures in the same place as your old ones, rather wonder exactly what the best towel ring elevation should be. How have the right to you better organize every one of the fixtures in your bathroom for this reason that every little thing is in ~ a practically level?


Standardizing her towel bar and also hand towel ring height can make her bathroom style slightly an ext cohesive. For much more information ~ above the ideal heights for her fixtures, take a look at several of these indict below.

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Towel Ring Height

Most bathroom style experts agree top top one practical height for your hand bath towel ring. Her hand bath towel ring should measure between 50 and also 52 inches from the floor. If your bathroom is geared much more towards children, then you might want to take into consideration lowering the bar for them a bit. Unless you setup to have them use a step stool, you can lower the hand towel ring to roughly 36 inches until they are tall sufficient to with higher.


If you are measuring from your vanity, the traditional towel ring height above the sink is roughly 20 inches from the countertop. If you have multiple hooks or hand towels, every one have to be about 9 inches apart from the others.

When you room measuring for your hand towel holders, you need to know what layout holder you space going come use prior to you begin drilling feet in the wall. If you plan to use a traditional ring style, it need to measure 52 inches from the floor come the optimal of the ring. Alternatively, it might measure 20 come 22 inches from the bottom that the ring to the peak of her vanity.

Towel Bars and Robe Hooks


Once you recognize the towel ring elevation from the floor, the rest of your accessories and also fixtures can quickly fall into place. The is an excellent to store things level in the bathroom, so girlfriend should additionally measure her towel bars at the same level. They should range indigenous 42 come 48 inches off the floor. Store in mind that towel bars must be at the very least 42 inches off the floor, yet hooks need to be a minimum of 65 inches over the floor.

Towel bars need to be situated anywhere 14 come 18 inches over the vanity countertop.

If you have a towel bar that likewise has a shelf over it, the bar itself must measure roughly 48 inches above the floor.

Toilet paper Height

In addition to hanging her towels in ~ the proper height, many people struggle with conveniently placing their toilet file roll holder. You desire it to be close to the front pickled in salt of the toilet, however not also close. That should additionally be in ~ the suitable level so the you can quickly pull native the roll once necessary.

This is among those areas where a tiny bit of accuse is frequently necessary. If friend drill holes into the wall surface prematurely there is no planning, climate you might reason avoidable damage. Getting too front of yourself through installing fixtures as this one can definitely damage the finish that you simply updated in your new bathroom.

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The standard elevation for a toilet document holder is 26 inches turn off the ground. In enhancement to this, the is likewise roughly eight come twelve inch in former of the pickled in salt of your toilet. In part spaces, it might be challenging to do this number work. Over there is frequently too little space in prior of the toilet to placed the holder this much away. If the is the case, then you can carry it a small closer if necessary.

Hanging new Fixtures

Hanging brand-new fixtures in your bathroom is a quick and easy way to freshen up your space. That requires small investment and also can conveniently be excellent on your very own at home without the help of a professional. If you have a drill and a tiny bit the handiness, you have the right to definitely attain these tasks. Currently that you understand the conventional heights, you can obtain to work!