everyone likes more speed. If the is fast, they desire you come or they will make it faster. This contains the waiting hockey game. Some human being are not content through how quick the puck goes. They want to make it go faster.

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How fast does an wait hockey puck travel? We have the right to say that if struggle correctly, the waiting hockey puck travels at a blink of one eye. By blink of an eye, we average that the height recorded speeds have actually reached as much as 80 miles every hour.

The rate of an waiting hockey puck relies on an ext than just how difficult you struggle it through the paddle. Proceed to check out our write-up to discover out the different factors affiliated with the speed of an air hockey puck.


There are number of factors involved that influence the rate of an waiting hockey puck. It is no just around the load of the puck and how difficult you struggle it v your paddle. Below are few of those components that add to the rate or absence of speed of an waiting hockey puck:

Size and also weight the the puck - over there are different sizes and weights of wait hockey pucks and also larger tables call for larger and heavier pucks. These pucks may not travel as quick on a smaller table constructed for kids and also to speed it up you need the appropriate puck because that the right tableAir cushion - the amount of waiting coming the end of all the feet in the floor of her air hockey video game influences the speed of the puck. Too tiny air and also your puck will move a lot of slower. You must make certain the air blower is pumping the end air at the appropriate rate​A dirty table - will slow-moving down an wait hockey puck. To speed the puck up, girlfriend will have to clean the dirt and grit off the table’s surface. Dirt adds friction and an ext friction slows under the speed​Clean clogged holes - to make her air hockey move faster you have to make sure that every the holes are cost-free from any kind of obstruction. This might be a time consuming chore yet if you want more speed, climate it needs to be doneReplace the puck - wait hockey pucks stay out. When they do, that way they will not walk as quick as they did before. Merely replace the puck for an ext speed​Polish the table - any kind of air hockey approved polishing will aid make the surface ar slicker. A slicker surface means less friction and an ext speedSpray silicone lubricant - silicone is known for making surfaces slicker and also faster. Girlfriend won’t need a lot yet it will make the puck slide faster

Answering her questions

#1. Is there a difference between air hockey tables?

Yes there is a the majority of differences in between tables. Size is one main difference and also the contents used to make each table are not the same. Even a expert table is different from one arcade model.

#2. What puck size must I usage for a 6 foot game?

You want a 2 1/2 customs diameter waiting hockey puck and also it need to weigh around 30 grams. This dimension will job-related on 5 foot tables together well. Because that 4 foot tables or smaller sized the puck size have to be 1 4/5” diameter and weigh no much more than 9 grams. The 7 and also 8 foot tables need a 3 1/2 inch puck and weighs about 42 grams

Some last Comments

Like ice cream hockey, air hockey pucks deserve to travel at very high speeds. Of food you have to take treatment of her air hockey table come make sure friction go not slow-moving your puck down.

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Yet, the is much more than speed that wins wait hockey battles. Like all games, the takes ability to be a height winner.