Whether you’re a experienced or simply a entertain driver, snowmobiles have the right to be incredibly fun and entertaining. A an extremely popular winter pastime, snowmobiles are a cultivation market and also several brands try to improve their commodities in order to it is in the ideal on the sector each year.

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One of the elements that buyers absolutely look out for is the rate of a snowmobile, because that facet really does matter when you desire to gain the winter see by riding through it.

Based on that fact, us have decided to carry you a list of the 10 faster snowmobiles ~ above the market so that you know which one to pick if you keen on purchase or renting one. So, keep reading to discover out more!

Top 10 Fastest stock Snowmobiles

The rate of a snowmobile depends on the power of the engine. Previously models, which were not produced for sporting or entertain purposes, typically couldn’t also reach 62 mph, however newer brands and also models – which are an ext and an ext used in sports and recreation – generally reach up to 150 mph, with some models gift able come gas fast as 200 mph.

Here is our perform of the fastest models:

1) Arctic Cat ZR600 (1998)

Top Speed: 99 mph

We start our list through the model that has been declared the snowmobile that the year for 1998. Certainly, it is a an extremely old model, but we had to incorporate it on our list due to the fact that it still is among the fastest snowmobiles when contrasted to some newer models.

It was a genuine beast in 1998 and also although the model has been discontinued since, the deserves a location on our list. Back in 1998, the design was thought about to it is in a top-notch product and a historic landmark the would enable the snowmobile industry to take it a huge step front in its development.

1998 Arctic Cat ZR 600 EFI: The Snowmobile that the Year

https://snowgoer.com/latest-news/1998-arctic-cat-zr-600-efi-the-snowmobile-of-the-year/17210/ (source)

2) Ski-Doo MXZ 600 (2021)

Top Speed: 100 mph

Although no the fastest design out there, the MXZ 600 has been among the many reliable and also durable models for Ski-Doo. It has actually been produced for years, v some transforms having to be made each year. The MXZ 600 is a an excellent model because that recreational drivers, as it uses a great mix of practicality, reliability and also speed, because that those who prefer faster models.

The responsive handling and smile-generating power of the 2021 MXZ Sport supply epic winter moments all season long.

https://www.ski-doo.com/ski-doo/mxz/mxz-sport.html (source)

3) Polaris XC 600 Triple (1997)

Top Speed: 102 mph

This 1997 version was, like the first on ours list, also a big breakthrough as soon as it involves speed. Polaris developed its XC 600 collection as a default triple model, however there were likewise some double models on the market back then.

It was a an extremely reliable product that attracted a the majority of satisfied customers, particularly those who chosen to drive fast.

https://snowmobiles.polaris.com/en-us/ (source)

Although there have been anecdotal reports the the XC 600 walk as quick as 120 mph, the official stock speed is provided at 102 mph, which is still extremely fast, specifically for a 1997 model. The just downside that this design was that it ate increase a many gasoline.


4) Polaris Switchback Pro-S 800 (2019)

Top Speed: 105 mph

The Switchback Pro-S collection by Polaris is still among the many durable series from the famous brand. Although the models have changed, the Pro-S 800 model has actually been present for years, until its discontinuation in 2019, as soon as it was replaced by the slightly more powerful Pro-S 850 model.

This to be a an extremely reliable snowmobile that available a heavy performance when speed is concerned, however it was additionally a an excellent model for recreational users since it combined the helpful reliability that non-sports models through solid speed performances.

Not to mention how median this device looks!

https://snowmobiles.polaris.com/en-us/2019/switchback/pro-s/800-switchback-pro-s-2019-sno/ (source)

5) Polaris RMK 700 (1999)

Top Speed: 106 mph

The RMK 700 came after the revolutionary ZR600 that changed a lot earlier in 1998. It to be a great and hard model, return it has actually been discontinued through time, as result of being an ext than a couple of decades old.

The Polaris RMK 700 can go as fast as 106 mph, which no that much of improvement back then, yet it to be still a fast-enough model that could satisfy the needs of speed-lovers.

I remember tearing it up on one of these when I was younger, a an excellent machine.

https://snowmobiles.polaris.com/en-us/ (source)

6) Ski-Doo MXZ REV sports 600 HO (2003)

Top Speed: 107 mph

Ski-Doo’s 2003 model was a very an excellent product and also one that the strongest models earlier in the day. It was very reliable, it had actually a hard engine the was very strong and the did fine on all the tests.

Although the stock rate wasn’t the exceptional compared to some previously models, it to be still much more than enough for that time period, which is why the MXZ REV sports 600 HO is tho a product civilization remember through nostalgia, together it has been discontinued in the meantime.

One of the more quickly snow makers of the 2000s, the MXZ high output.

https://www.ski-doo.com/ski-doo/mxz/mxz-sport.html (source)

7) Polaris attack 800 (2021)

Top Speed: 112 mph

Although this model has actually been active for a while now, we are listing you the newest version for the 2021 season. The Polaris attack 800 has actually been created for a while as one of the most recognizable and reliable models under the Polaris brand.

If friend look approximately their archive, you’ll find a variation of the design for every production year. The is a stylish item that has been constantly acquiring positive reviews.

It has actually a range of cool features and also it is a an excellent model for lovers of speed, as it can go as rapid as 112 mph, i beg your pardon is a solid number because that recreational drivers.

https://snowmobiles.polaris.com/en-us/switchback/assault-144/ (source)

8) Arctic Cat XF 1100 Turbo (2012)

Top Speed: 118 mph

This version was taken into consideration to it is in a peak brand as soon as it came out and also has been constantly given the finest scores by the users themselves. It to be a an extremely reliable model that excelled in that is performance and quality, and although it did expense a lot, it was a good deal when everything else is take right into account.

Its stock speed was registered at 118 mph, which was a hard number for recreational users not so lengthy ago.

https://arcticcat.txtsv.com/snowmobile (source)

9) Ski-Doo MXZ X 850 E-TEC (2021)

Top Speed: 128 mph

Similarly to the Polaris assault 800, this product has likewise been continuous for Ski-Doo and also has been developed for year now. It is a really reliable design that offers a lot to the to chat driver as it allows for the adrenaline to absent in when it will its 128 mph stock rate limit

This is really close come the basic limit of 150 mph, which way that this is a very an excellent product once speed is concerned.

https://www.ski-doo.com/ski-doo/mxz/mxz-x.html (source)

10) G-Force One Yamaha version (2008)

Top Speed: 210 mph

Although this is not a recreational model and also is usually a custom-made race model, we had actually to placed it on our perform because back in 2008, this model broke the civilization record for fastest snowmobile, when it taped a rate of 210 mph (almost 340 km/h), which was a truly significant feat lauded in the human being of snowmobile racing.

This is a version you cannot buy, due to the fact that it was specifically designed for racing because that the G-Force One team, however it deserves a clues on our list as result of the remarkable feat the it controlled to attain not so lengthy ago.

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VirtualMuseum (source)
Year: 2009 Credits: Gilles Gagné

This concludes our list. Us have provided you a historic overview of the fastest models based on their share speed, and their measure up speed.

So we hope the now, you have a clear snapshot on just how the rate limit progressed throughout the years and which models excelled in different periods of time. See you following time!