Sicily is the clear island located at the southern component of Italy. Getting there from isn’t challenging and the most convenient choice is through air. Moreover, friend can obtain there by a train ~ above a ferry or normal ferry.

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The distance between and also Sicily is 494 km. This air travel distance is equal to 307 miles. It will take indigenous 1 come 14 hrs to get from come Sicily.

By Plane

One of the many popular options is to travel from to Sicily by plane with Ryanair from Fiumicino airport to the airplane of Trapani and then acquisition a train to Palermo. Price because that one method ticket starts from 19 euro and also it takes 1 hour 15 minutes to reach Palermo from by plane. the is always much better to book tickets in advancement for cheaper prices.


If you need a reputable transfer native airport to your hotel in, order that on – solve price is just 50 euro.

Another airline which provides flights to Sicily from Fiumicino airport come Palermo is EasyJet. There is a functional ticket cost around 70 euro for a one method ticket. The finest fare available from this airline will be around 30 euro because that one method ticket. Also, Catania come flights are detailed by Wind Jet v the price that 30 euro or for flex tickets about 60 euro total. Here’s the instance of easily accessible flights detailed by Wind Jet come Catania indigenous


“Partenza” means departure, “arrivo” method arrival and “prezzo” is a price.

By Train top top a Ferry

You can likewise take a train top top a ferry from to Messina. The journey will certainly take about 8 to 10 hours. The train ~ above a ferry ticket costs around 40 euro one-way. Over there are likewise many Italy rail web links from to Palermo via Messina with numerous other train alternatives going between Messina and Palermo. Take trip time is about 3.5 hours and also the price is 11 euro one-way. To make reservation virtual go come Trenitalia website.


over there are likewise hourly trains between Messina and Taormina, Sicily’s major resort come the south, taking 1 hour and costing 4.50 euro each method

By Ferry

Another choice is to take a train indigenous to naples or Salerno and then take it a ferry come Messina. A train attach from neapolitan takes 5.5 hrs with an average price of 35 euro. You deserve to buy a ticket to obtain to Sicily through ferry.

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Also, girlfriend can gain from Civitavecchia port to Palermo in 14 hrs with price from 40 euro every adult.