The all-new, live-action adaption of Disney’s The Lion King is roaring right into cinemas and also it’s obtained us all talking around the magnificent huge cat the takes center stage.

Here room nine ext-roar-dinary facts about everyone’s favourite overlapping feline, the lion.

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The lion has actually the loudest roar of all the big cats. It’s so loud it can reach 114 decibels (at a street of around one metre) and also can it is in heard indigenous as much away as five miles.

This volume is every to do with the form of the cat’s larynx. Most animals have triangular vocal ubraintv-jp.comrds yet a lion’s room square and flat, which enables them to respond much more easily ubraintv-jp.comme air happen through. This way a louder roar with much less effort.

A woman lion requirements 5 kg and also a masculine lion about 7 kg that meat a day, and studies that the animal in the wild present that their median intake is between 8 kg and also 9 kg per day. However, a lioness deserve to eat end 25 kg and a male might eat as much as 40 kg in a single sitting. That’s the indistinguishable of 40 huge packets of mince beef.

The lion is the 2nd fastest wild cat (after the Cheetah) with a peak running rate of roughly 50mph. However, the heart of a lioness (who does most of the hunting) just acubraintv-jp.comunts for around 0.57 percent of her body weight, so stamina is not her strong suit. This optimal speed is for short distances only so the hunter demands to it is in close ubraintv-jp.comme his or her prey prior to launching an attack.

4. The darker a lion’s mane, the older he is

A an excellent way ubraintv-jp.comme guess a male lion’s period is from inspecting the darkness the his mane (from a street of ubraintv-jp.comurse). The darker the mane, the older the lion.

It’s also a authorize of high level of testosterone, and also therefore strength, for this reason a black-maned lion is likely to attract an ext females.


The lion is the only member of the cat family to have actually a tassel in ~ the finish of the tail. This appendage is a an essential ubraintv-jp.commmunication tool, provided for signalling to various other members the the pride. It deserve to be used to give directions and ubraintv-jp.commmands and even because that flirting.

The median lifespan the a lion is 13 years. However, in bondage – wherein they aren’t reliant on your strength and also hunting capability to make it through – they have the right to live because that a lot longer. The oldest reubraintv-jp.comrded age of a lion was virtually 29 years.

7. A lion"s night vision is 6 times much better than yours

In the daytime a lion’s vision might not be every that various from a human’s, and also fewer ubraintv-jp.comne cells in the retina means they see much less ubraintv-jp.comlour, however it’s in ~ night the their eyesight really ubraintv-jp.commes right into its own.

A lion’s eye is packed v photoreceptor cell to pick up light as it enters, and then a reflective membrane behind the retina reflects any type of light right earlier on to these light-sensitive cells. They also have white strips under their eyes to help reflect as much light as feasible into the pupils. Every this means that a lion only demands one 6th of the light that people need to view in. This spectacular night vision provides them a mean adversary for prey during the hours of darkness.


A lion has actually incredible hearing, assisted by swivelling ear that change to the direction that sound is ubraintv-jp.comming from. Your sensitive hearing way they space able ubraintv-jp.comme stalk prey once it’s hidden by thick vegetation and detect their following meal as soon as it’s as much as a mile away.

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9. There might be as few as 20,000 lions left in the wild

The afri lion populace has undertaken catastrophic declines, plummeting by end 40% over the last 3 generations. This is due to a loss of herbal habitat and prey, and the devastating influence of hunting and poaching. V the number left in the wild approximated at in between 20,000 and also 39,000, this majestic creature is currently officially classified as ‘vulnerable’.