there’s a golf saying the goes, “Drive for show, putt for dough”’ meaning you should know exactly how to putt to win money ~ above the PGA Tour. Sinking a snaking 50-foot putt is impressive, however it’s no as awe-inspiring together seeing a golf sphere travel much more than 1,000 feet turn off the tee. This golfers had the huge swings that produced the longest cd driver in PGA Tour background (check the end the golfer on web page 13 that traveled farther than the realm State Building’s height).

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15. Hudson Swafford

Distance: 433 yardsCourse: Firestone nation Club

We begin our list in Akron, Ohio, wherein Hudson Swafford swatted a large 433-yard drive on the 16th hole throughout the first round the the 2017 civilization Golf Championship-Bridgestone tournament. He birdied the hole and finished tied because that 10th ar in the tourney.

14. Adam Scott

Distance: 435 yardsCourse: Firestone nation Club

No, no that Adam Scott. According to the PGA tourism website, the Australian golfer released a 435-yard drive on the 16th hole throughout the second round that the 2017 world Golf Championships Bridgestone Invitational in Ohio. That’s a vast drive, but as we’ll watch in a minute, the course produces a ton of big drives.

13. Dustin Johnson

Distance: 439 yardsCourse: Firestone country Club

We’re earlier at Firestone yet again, and also we’re ago on the 16th hole in 2017. A day before Adam Scott blasted his large drive, Dustin Johnson created one the the longest drives the PGA tourism has ever before seen. In spite of that big hit, Johnson finished tied for 17th top top the leaderboard.

11. Bubba Watson (TIE)

Bubba Watson | Streeter Lecka/Getty ImagesDistance: 442 yardsCourse: Firestone country Club

Where have we heard this one before? Firestone. WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. Hole No. 16. The just two distinctions are the year (2012) and also Bubba Watson’s distance, a lining 442 yards throughout the tournament’s 3rd round. We’re no surprised he provides the list. After ~ all, he’s always one that the biggest hitters top top tour.

11. Keegan Bradley (TIE)

Distance: 442 yardsCourse: Firestone nation Club

Let’s go earlier to Firestone one more time. We’re ago on the 16th hole throughout the 2nd round in 2012 for Keegan Bradley’s 442-yard smash. That bogeyed the hole, however he still winner the tournament with a 13-under par finish.

10. Craig Perks

Distance: 449 yardsCourse: TPC Scottsdale

Don’t feel poor if you’ve never ever heard of Craig Perks. Us forgot the brand-new Zealander to be a PGA tour pro, too. He to be a big hitter throughout his time on tour, though. His 449-yard tee shoot on the 13th hole throughout the 2002 Phoenix Open is among the longest drives in PGA history, follow to Golf News Net.

9. Gary backwoods (TIE)

Distance: 450 yardsCourse: Plantation food at Kapalua

One of the longest drives due to the fact that 2010 belongs to Gary Woodland. According to the PGA tourism website, the hit a 450-yard tee shooting on the 18th hole throughout the 2012 competition of champions in Hawaii. See Woodland make this perform shouldn’t it is in surprising because he is among the best hitters in regards to driving distance on the tour.

8. Phil Mickelson (TIE)

Streeter Lecka/Getty ImagesDistance: 450 yardsCourse: Doral Golf Club

It’s among the numerous Donald trumped golf process these days and also the PGA tour doesn’t stop right here anymore, but it’s still in the record books among the longest cd driver in PGA tour history. Earlier in 2013, fan-favorite Phil Mickelson hit a 450-yard shoot on the 17th hole during the Cadillac Championship. That didn’t win the tourney, however he finished in the money and helped develop his condition as one of the wealthiest golfers of every time.

7. Craig Perks

Distance: 451 yardsCourse: Westchester nation Club

We reintroduced you come Craig perks a couple of minutes ago, and now we acquire to accomplish him again. The very first time he confirmed up on our list, it to be for a 449-yard drive in 2002. It to be a an excellent year v the driver because that Perks. He introduced a 451-yard tee shot later in the season throughout the Buick classic in brand-new York.

6. Retief Goosen

Distance: 452 yardsCourse: Plantation course at Kapalua

Another Hawaiian golf course — Waialae nation Club — is just one of the PGA courses the pros dislike playing, however Kapalua isn’t and we deserve to see why. It continuously produces few of the longest cd driver on the tour, such together Retief Goosen’s 452-yard bomb throughout the 2003 Mercedes Championship.

5. David Duval

Distance: 454 yardsCourse: PGA West

We don’t hear native David Duval lot anymore, yet he has one of the ideal Masters tournament performances ever and likewise one the the longest drives in PGA tour history. He introduced a huge 454-yard journey on the 13th hole throughout the 2002 Bob hope Chrysler standard in California.

4. Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson | Tom Pennington/Getty ImagesDistance: 463 yardsCourse: TPC Boston

Dustin Johnson is no stranger to large drives or disastrous scandals. We mentioned him previously on this list, but here that is again. He popped the longest drive due to the fact that 2010, and one that the longest drives ever, v a 463-yard blast top top the saturday hole during the 2011 Deutsche financial institution Championship.

3. Charley Hoffman

Distance: 467 yardsCourse: LaCantera Golf Club

All of the longest drives we’ve already mentioned are impressive, and also Charley Hoffman’s is no exception. His tee shot on the an initial hole at the 2009 execution of the Texas open up traveled 476 yards, or 1,401 feet, which is a distance greater than the 1,250-foot height of the empire State Building.

2. Jeff Sluman

Distance: 473 yardsCourse: PGA West

There have to be something about the PGA West course. We disputed a 454-yard drive on the course in 2002, and now we’re back again. Jeff Sluman introduced a 473-yard drive on the 14th hole throughout the 2003 Bob hope Chrysler Classic.

1. Davis Love III

Distance: 476 yardsCourse: Plantation course at Kapalua

He hasn’t notched a PGA tour win due to the fact that 2015, yet we can’t take away the reality Davis Love III top the list for longest drives in PGA tourism history. His 476-yard journey on the 18th hole throughout the 2004 Mercedes Championship stands together the official longest drive, but as fine see, a few tee shots surpass the mark.

The unofficial longest cd driver in PGA tourism history

Since 2003, the PGA has actually used ShotLink to specifically measure driving street at every tournament, but some tee shots, while massive, aren’t officially longest drives. These room the *unofficial* longest drives in PGA tour history.

3. Dustin Johnson

Distance: 489 yardsCourse: Austin nation Club

This is the many recent huge drive on our list, native March 2018. Throughout the third round of the 2018 WGC-Dell Technologies enhance Play, Dustin Johnson smacked a 489-yard journey on the 12th hole. Unfortunately, match play statistics don’t present up in the PGA’s record books.

2. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods | Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesDistance: 498 yardsCourse: Plantation course at Kapalua

We don’t know if this reality shows increase in the scandalous Tiger Woods biography, however he has the unofficial longest journey in modern PGA history. He launched a practically 500-yard drive on the 18th hole during the 2002 Mercedes Championship, yet it might too not exist. Woods and also several other golfers had substantial drives from the tournament scrubbed indigenous the PGA document book.

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1. Mike Austin

Distance: 515 yardsCourse: Desert climbed Golf Club

The unofficially longest journey in PGA Tour history goes come Mike Austin, who was 64 years old in 1974 once he fight his massive tee shot. At 2,000 feet over sea level and also with a 35 mph wind at the time, Austin blasted a 515-yard journey on the fourth hole in ~ Desert Rose during the nationwide Seniors open up Championship. The only difficulty is the hole to be a 450-yard par 4 at the time, so he was virtually 100 yards previous the cup.

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