One that the rule of safe gun taking care of is discovering your target and also what’s beyond it. Limiting penetrating power is among the factors that self-defense ammo is generally a hole point. You really don’t want your bullet going through the bad guy and into the next apartment.

So how far can a bullet travel? It transforms out the in a test performed under optimum conditions and also fired at a 40 level up angle a 9mm bullet traveled 2405 yards. That’s a long way, 24 soccer fields.

In the real world.

I think that usually we are firing handguns in ~ shoulder height and in a almost level angle. This will substantially reduce the street that cartridge will travel although through one estimate that I uncovered that could still be 300 yards. One ballistic table showed a 115 grain 9mm bullet drops 43 inch in 214 yards. Even the warning published on the next of the box that 22 lengthy rifle bullets come in says they room dangerous as much as 1 mile.

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In the genuine world, it would certainly be rare ( relying on where girlfriend are) because that a shooting to travel 300 yards without striking something. Yet This is why us must understand what is behind ours target if we miss, the very first thing inline v that shot out to 300 yards can be hit.


Now that does not average that you as a shooter have actually the ability to struggle a target at 300 yards v your pistol. The U.S. Military 9mm pistol manual list the effective useful range of the 9mm pistol as 50 meters. But the army doesn’t consider the 9mm sidearm to it is in the main battle weapon. However Professional shooter Jerry Miculek has actually a video clip of self making a 1000 yard shot through a 9mm handgun ~ above a steel gong target. He hit that on the second shot. That’s amazing!

The vast bulk of self-defense encounters will certainly be in between 3 and 10 yards. This is why many self-defense drills space done at 10 yards or less. Feel free to periodically run her targets the end to 25 or 50 yards if your range has space. The is fun and challenging to shoot in ~ those distances. However in the real civilization if your adversary is 25 yards away it might be ideal just to obtain out of there if feasible before it turns right into an equipped encounter.


Every bullet fired goes somewhere they don’t simply vaporize. Re-watch your favorite action movie and also during the gunfight scene just try to imagine where every one of those rounds that missed your intended target can have finished up.

Related questions.

Will a bullet go through a wall?

Will the bullet go with a wall? That relies on a couple of things. What caliber is the bullet and what is the wall made of? i was analysis a publication on self-defense last night. The author threw in a thing on handguns. In the chapter, he claims that most handgun bullets are stopped by light product surfaces such together walls and also car bodies. WHAT! This males research must com from action movies.

Unlike the movies, I have seen plenty of bullets zing with a auto door prefer butter and even the lowly 22 long rifle has no problem going through a sheetrocked wall surface if the doesn’t fight a stud. In one check a 124 grain 9mm cartridge penetrated 10 inch of wallboard stacked back to back. In fairness, I will admit his publication was ~ above unarmed self-defense (he need to really stick come his strengths).

Back to our wall stopping bullets. A brick or stone wall will certainly stop many handgun rounds yet both the these materials tend to shatter as soon as struck so repetitive rounds in the very same spot ~ above the wall surface may enable one to pass through it. Bare concrete blocks will likewise shatter once struck.

A wooden wall surface would count on how thick the internal face, the exterior sheathing, and the siding are. Full metal coat bullets would certainly be far an ext likely come go through than a hollow suggest bullet because of the hollow allude expanding and also loss of energy.

Will a handgun bullet go through a metal door?

The mean metal door is in reality a hollow covering filled in most situations with insulation. It will certainly not protect against a handgun bullet however it will cause a hollow suggest bullet to expand and lose a lot of speed and also expend much of that energy. A full metal jacket would be less impacted by the door. The same effect would be supposed from a heavy wooden exterior door. For this reason if there is an enraged person with any type of gun top top the other side of her door don’t stand at the door looking out the peephole.

Will a automobile protect friend from a bullet?

As i mentioned above the sheet steel of a car body will not prevent a bullet. If you uncover yourself in require of cover, say in a parking lot, a auto is not great cover but it is good for concealment an interpretation you have the right to hide behind a car body and also stay out of sight. However a bullet can penetrate it. The an extremely best cover native a vehicle or truck would be placing yourself through the engine block between you and the shooter. The heavy metal engine block have the right to stop all yet the largest caliber.

Is firing a handgun into the air dangerous?

We have all seen the celebratory gunfire on the news where happy world are shoot their guns into the air. This begs the concern are those bullets dangerous once they come ago down. The bullets leave the barrel the the gun in ~ high speed yet slow down as they gain altitude in ~ some point the can no much longer climb and begin to fall ago to earth. They will loss at terminal velocity the is much slower than the muzzle velocity they had when fired. These falling bullets can and also do injure human being if they room hit through them. Over there have additionally been fatalities report although rare. Every in all, that is not a good idea come fire firearms into the air.

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