Rafters space a simple, straightforward way to structure the roof of her shed. They require much less lumber than trusses and also once one is cut, every the others follow the exact same cut. However, one of the main problems you will certainly encounter when cutting rafters is, have to you use 2×4 or 2×6 rafters because that your melted roof?

You deserve to use either 2×6 or 2×4 rafters for roofs through a 3/12 pitch or greater, however it counts on the all at once size of your shed. For roofs the won’t experience hefty snow loads, a gable roof can expectancy up to 22’ with 2×4 rafters. For roofs that will certainly experience hefty snow or wind and also will expectancy the exact same distance, use 2×6 rafters.

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If you have actually a basic gable shed roof, then utilizing 2×4 rafters makes much more sense uneven you have a very big shed. If you have actually a single sloped shed roof, then making use of 2×6 rafters is a much better bet because the price differential i will not ~ be substantial and your melted roof will have actually a much greater load capacity.

Below we’ll take it a closer watch at when to use 2×4 and 2×6 wood for your shed roof, and hopefully, you’ll have the ability to make a an ext informed decision on what form of timber you need to use when structure your burned roof rafters.
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As stated above, a 2×4 SPF burned roof rafter can expectancy 11’. One SYP rafter can expectations 11 ½’. Both of these are for irradiate roof loads.

If girlfriend live in one area that requires a melted roof rafter to assistance a hefty load, then an SPF rafter deserve to only expectations 7 ⅔’. One SYP rafter can span 8’.

While the hefty load expectations specs for a 2×4 rafter space much less than a irradiate load, castle would allow you to have actually a shed width of over 14’ v a gable roof. It will certainly make less sense to usage 2×4 rafters top top a single slope shed roof if girlfriend live one area with hefty snowfall.

Keep in mental the above measurements room for 12” ~ above center. If you had a 12×12 shed with a gable roof, that would typical 26 rafters, i beg your pardon is a lot. Moving to 16” on center, you could span her SPF 2x4s as much as 6 ⅔’ for hefty loads and 9 ½’ because that light loads, which would still occupational with a 12×12 gable shed.

Spacing her 2×4 shed rafters at 24” top top center borders the width of her roof. Because that light load roofs, 24” o.c. 2×4 rafters can expectancy up come 7 ⅔’. For heavy loads, 2x4s can span up to 5 ½’.

Most roof frame is 24” top top center, and you deserve to still construct sheds up to 14’ v 2×4 rafters in ~ 24” top top center. Yet again, if you space going come experience hefty loads, it just makes sense to err ~ above the side of caution and use 2×6 rafters.

Span size for 2×6 Rafters

2×6 burned roof rafters are enough for nearly any type of burned a homeowner desires to build. When a 2×6 might be nearly double the expense of a 2×4, you have the right to likely space the 2x6s additional apart, it is negative the added expense of raising your hardwood width.

An SYP 2×6 rafter at 24 O.C. Can expectations up come 13’4”. That method it can span a total length of end 26’ because that a gable roof. One SPF roof in ~ the exact same spacing and also lumber dimension will span 11 ½’. These numbers room for roofs supporting light lots of 20 pounds for square foot. If you location the 2x6s at 16” O.C., climate SYP can expectations over 16’ and SPF can span 14’.

For heavy loads in ~ 24” O.C., 2×6 SYP can span up come 9 ½’. SPF 2×6 rafters can expectations 8’. If you relocate the rafters closer with each other at 16” O.C., then her SYP rafters will expectations 11 ½’ and SPF as much as 10’.

Therefore, if you desire a 10×12 solitary sloped roof and also you live in a heavy snow area, then you can room your rafters 16” apart and also use SPF 2×6 lumber.

Should I usage 2×4 or 2×6 Rafters for shed Roof?

You must use 2×4 rafters if you live in one area without heavy snow or wind loads. Remember, girlfriend can span a gable-roofed melted up come 17’ through SYP and also 15’ through SPF 2×4 rafters in ~ 24” O.C. Because that most burned owners, this is much more than sufficient span because that our backyard sheds. You can constantly put her rafters closer with each other to attain an also greater span.

Use 2×6 rafters if your roof will certainly experience hefty snow or wind loads. SYP 2×6 rafters at 24” O.C. Can expectancy over 18’ for gable-roofed shed. An SPF rafter can span nearly 15’ in ~ the exact same dimensions. Again, placed them closer together if you desire to attain a greater span.

Remember, this advice applies only to melted roofs that have actually a pitch better than 3:12. If you have actually a roof v a pitch that is less than 3:12, you need to not use 2x4s.

If you perform opt to usage 2×4 shed rafters for your roof construction, friend will always use a 2×6 ridge beam even though the rafters will be 2×4. For much more guidance building and also installing her rafters, view my short article on exactly how to build rafters for a shed.


Determining whether to usage 2×4 or 2×6 rafters depends entirely on your environment. Heavy snow and also wind mean that your roof will certainly experience far-reaching loads. One cubic foot of eye weighs around 20 pounds, for this reason if you have actually a 100 square foot roof area, you have a ton of snow literally on your roof. 2×4 rafters might not be able to handle that kind of weight.

Secondly, the format of roof friend have likewise plays a significant role. Girlfriend can expectations much better lengths through rafters supporting a gable – two-sided – roof quite than a solitary sloped roof. Think about your shed design and materials cost before constructing as you may be able to alter your roof design and use 2x4s rather of 2x6s, saving you the price of bigger lumber.

Whichever size of hardwood you choose for your shed rafters, it never damages to build a melted stronger 보다 it demands to be. There are other methods to save costs on a burned instead of skimping on the melted roof framing, and also you don’t want to wake up up one morning through a ton of snow that has fell down into her shed.

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As always, thanks for taking the moment to read this article and I hope it has helped you figure out which size of rafter will occupational for your next melted project. You re welcome feel cost-free to comment listed below with any type of advice or input friend have around working with melted rafters.