If you"ve ever wondered why Voldemort"s wand also never falls out of his hand in Harry Potter, Ralph Fiennes has actually let us all in on a tiny secret.

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In many kind of of his scenes, He Who Must Not Be Named is seen holding his wand also through little bit grip, which in any normal scenarios would topic it to that old Muggle trick of gravity.

However, the actor has actually revealed that he and also the production team had actually a sneaky means around it – and it does not involve magic, unfortunately.

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"With Stuart Craig, who"s the production designer, and his team, we questioned what the wand would be," Fiennes told GQ.

"It has a hook on it, so I have the right to organize my hand also, and also then the finish have the right to hook around this finger. Like I nearly have the hand also open up... you"d think it would certainly fall off the hand. But I just enjoyed that it might be light in the hand also."

Fiennes additionally opened up around one of his favourite scenes, which simply so happens to be the last time we see him on display screen.

"I loved shooting the death duel, that was cool, with Daniel in the courtyard," the actor continued. "That was epic."

And once asked exactly how he created the facial intensity during filming without all the distinct effects, he joked: "You simply need to hate Harry Potter... through a deep loapoint.

"I"ll be pissed if they brought ago Voldemort and also didn"t ask me!"

On the other hand, the star freshly revealed why he practically turned dvery own the role of the iconic villain, admitting he wouldn"t have actually taken the component if it wasn"t for his sister"s youngsters.

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