Can’t get enough of the Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists? You deserve to make this at home! gain these delicious crunchy treats anytime!


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Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists space delicious sugary cinnamon snacks. Ours cinnamon twists recipe provides twists the taste similar to the ones at Taco Bell, there is no the drive-thru experience.

They’re crunchy and super light. Plus, the sugar/cinnamon mixture provides the perfect balance the spice and sweetness. And they’re really basic to make.

What room Duros?

What’s the real mystery here? Taco Bell Pasta noodles space really duros. This twists room made v a particular kind of wheat pasta girlfriend can uncover at specialty mexico markets. This pasta is called duros.

What makes this kind of pasta unique is that it puffs up as soon as you chef it. This copycat cinnamon twist cooking recipes is make by deep-frying the spiral-shaped pasta in vegetables oil in ~ 350 degrees.

The pasta will certainly puff up in around 15 secs while being cooked. Then these crispy bites room coated liberally with a cinnamon and also sugar mixture. Please don’t buy plain pasta and expect it to puff up – it won’t!


Duros – her 30 2nd Snack

If friend live in a neighborhood with a Latin American influence, you’ve most likely seen bags the duros. They frequently come in shapes that look prefer tiny wagon wheel – and they practically resemble little sliced tomatoes.

They additionally come in small worm shapes, twisty pellets, sheets, and tiny 1-inch squares. Castle are very hard, i beg your pardon is perhaps why they are dubbed duros (after the Spanish word for hard).

A rapid 20-30 2nd trip v the microwave will puff castle up and you’ll have actually a crunchy snack ready to eat. One traditional means to eat them is come sprinkle them v chili powder and also lime juice.

If you desire to do a large batch for family or friends, you can fry them, and they’re simply as tasty.


You deserve to buy your spiral-shaped duros online, i bought mine indigenous Amazon.

Can you make cinnamon twists v other types of noodles?

Save yourself part time top top this one. The fast answer is … no. Regular spiral pasta noodles do not puff. Nor do most grocery keep varieties. Cooked, left-over pasta does no puff up as soon as cooked.

This twisty treat cooking recipes is easily made if you have a deep fryer (any dimension is fine). Girlfriend can additionally make castle in her Dutch oven. Simply make sure you heat up the frying oil to a temperature in between 300-350°F. Then you require a little plastic bag, twisty duros noodles, sugar, and also cinnamon.

Can you do Taco Bell Cinnamon twisted in the waiting fryer?

You can, however I don’t love the results. Ns cooked this in mine air fryer in ~ 490 degrees for around 6 come 7 minutes. They carry out puff up, they are crunchy, yet for me, the problem was i couldn’t gain the cinnamon and sugar to stick.

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I personally uncovered the results of spraying the duros with some non-stick spray come be not as good. I like mine once I provided the deep frying method.


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