In this DIY guide you will discover all around the glue gun and also how to use one correctly and safely come stick a selection of different materials together consisting of timber, metal, fabric and a selection of various other materials. You will likewise learn about the different varieties of glue gun that encompass the hot melt gun and also cool melt gun and also the varieties of glue stick that each gun have to use.

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In essence, a adhesive gun is an electrical device that offers a heating aspect to warm up and melt specially do solid hot glue sticks. When melted, the adhesive is climate directed the end of the nozzle that the total on to a provided object to one of two people stick and hold the in ar or fix it.

Originally developed for usage in bonding soles on to shoes, many avid DIY’ers, tradesmen, handmade workers, upholsterers and many various other professions now feature one as a staple in their toolkits due to their versatility and easy that use.

Coupled v the correct kind of adhesive stick because that the job-related you’re doing, the adhesive gun will allow you to develop a solid and lasting bond in between a wide selection of various objects and also materials.


Standard type hot melt adhesive gun – obtainable in our save here

What Different varieties of glue Gun room There?

Essentially, traditional glue firearms come in two various formats; high temperature warm melt and low temperature cool melt.


Sturdy DIY grade hot melt adhesive gun – available in our keep here


Small arts and crafts cool melt adhesive gun – image courtesy of

It is also possible to get double option firearms that permit you come switch between two different temperature settings (high and low temperature) so the you have the right to use either high melt or cool melt adhesive sticks.

With these guns you obtain the best of both worlds, but this function does come with secondary cost.

In reality the kind of adhesive gun because that you will certainly be dictated to you by the form of task you require it for.

The greater temperature high melt glue firearms tend come be offered for much more heavy duty applications such together sticking and also joining timber, metal and so on making them appropriate for carpenters, joiners and also tradesmen.

The reduced temperature glue guns are much more suitable for much more delicate items together cloth/material, paper, map etc. These weapons tend to be used much more by hobbyists and also those involved with arts and also crafts.

Although a small outside of the border of this DIY project, the third type is the hefty duty and pneumatic adhesive guns. This are mainly used for industrial purposes such together in factories and distribution warehouses.

As these types of guns are much more industrial, this is reflect in their price.

What Different types of adhesive Stick are There?

Glue sticks are made in many different size (different glue stick diameters) and also in many different colours for all types of glue guns.

On looking at a traditional transparent glue stick it commonly looks as with a hard cylindrical perspex rod and also feels relatively soft come the touch.

In regards to sizes, in details diameters, the most usual sizes of adhesive stick often tends to it is in 11mm and also 15mm in diameter. The size of adhesive stick necessary for your certain gun will really much rely on the form of gun you have. Describe the manufacturers instructions because that the correct size to use.


11mm glue sticks

When it involves lengths these deserve to vary greatly and can selection from 10cm all the method up to 38cm, yet again, the size of glue stick you deserve to use will rely on the kind of gun girlfriend have.

One various other deciding factor determining which adhesive is provided in a glue gun is even if it is it’s a short temperature or high temperature stick and also indeed gun.

The general rule is to only use high temperature sticks v high temperature guns and vice versa for short temperature sticks and guns.

Despite the above, the is feasible to usage some low temperature glue stick v high temperature guns, but unfortunately no the other method around e.g. High temp sticks v low temp guns. You can likewise get dual purpose adhesive sticks that job-related hot and also lower temperatures.

On the whole, it’s best to use the correct type of stick for the gun you have. The kind of glue you can use because that the gun that you have should be stated in your manufacturers user guide.

For the reduced temperature, an ext arts and crafts-geared guns, glue sticks are accessible in a variety of various colours to fit their more “arty” usage, yet for the greater tempertaure sticks, this all have tendency to it is in transparent in colour.


Selection of various coloured adhesive sticks

One final suggest to mention is once it involves storing your glue sticks. To prevent any kind or storage-related damages it’s essential you keep your unused adhesive sticks in a cool, dry place.

As a summary, unless you room going to be functioning consistantly with fine fabrics and materials that damages easily, the finest glue total to walk for is the greater temperature, warm melt adhesive guns. The glue sticks us are available in a much more comprehensive range and once cured, carry out not shrink whilst setting, room resistant to most chemicals, weathering and also UV damage.

How execute you remove a adhesive Stick indigenous a glue Gun?

This is in truth a tiny bit that a trick inquiry as once you have actually inserted a adhesive stick into a adhesive gun and also started using it, you should never eliminate it together it can cause damage to the total itself, especially if it has actually been left and solidified.

If you have actually inserted a glue stick into your gun and completed your job successfully, gently pull on the trigger to north the nozzle of any kind of excess glue that’s sitting in there

Pop the gun upright top top the stand the was detailed and then rotate it turn off at the mains and (wearing gloves together the nozzle is hot), wipe that over through a file towel to remove any and all surface glue.

Once satellite on it’s stand, wait until the pistol has totally cooled down. When cooled, it deserve to then it is in safely pack away, part used glue stick included.

Retaining the stick in ~ the gun until it’s next necessary will not cause any kind of damage whatsoever.

How lengthy do Glue firearms Take to warm up?

Before you have the right to start using your glue gun friend will first need to get it as much as temperature for this reason that as soon as you traction the trigger the glue flows openly through the nozzle.

To ensure this wake up the adhesive gun requirements to be plugged right into the mains and switched on, if it has actually a power switch, some simply rely on the mains supply.


Glue gun plugged right into mains to warm up to temperature

If you room using a low temperature cool melt glue gun it need to take approximately 2 minutes to heat up and also be ready to use.

If you are using a high temperature, hot melt total or a hefty duty gun climate this can take all over from 5 – 8 minutes.

Most glue firearms heat up in ~ the tip so you’ll know it’s up to temperature and also ready when you to express the trigger and the adhesive starts come flow.

How to use a adhesive Gun – A step by action Guide

Now that we recognize what exactly a glue gun is and also how in principle they work, what species of glue are easily accessible and what species can be used with what specific glue firearms it’s time to acquire sticking!

Step 1 – Prepare Your working Area

Before you acquire started, the an initial job is to prepare your functioning area.

Always work in a well lit area totally free from any type of obstructions and clutter so that you have the right to see what you are doing and won’t it is in constantly tripping end or working about objects that space in the way.

Working in a well ventilated area is also an extremely important. Under common operating problems both hot and also cool melt glue have to not be dangerous, however if overheated then toxic vapours have the right to be released.

Also, ensure the your job-related surface is flat and also level. The support stands the come with most off the shelf glue guns aren’t that an excellent and can easily topple end if not relaxing on a level surface, and you definitely don’t want that happening as soon as it’s turn on and up come temperature.

One other vital requirement is to remainder your pistol on it’s was standing on a drip mat. As soon as you have actually used her gun and placed it under on that stand, excess glue can easily drip the end of the nozzle. For this example we have used a scrap item of special cardboard.

Using a drip mat will avoid this excess adhesive from by chance damaging any surfaces.


Working area all ready to usage glue gun

Step 2 – Plugin her Glue Gun and get it approximately Temperature

With your work-related area now prepared and also ready, the next job is to rotate on your glue gun and get it up to temperature therefore it’s ready to use.

Before you turn it on, first check that there is a glue stick inserted and also ready to use. A brand-new stick will certainly be relatively obvious to spot as a an excellent portion that it will hanging the end of the back of the gun, but if that a well used stick then any remaining glue will certainly be concealed within the human body of the gun.


Glue pole inserted and ready come use

If girlfriend pear through the glue slot in the back you should have the ability to see any kind of remnants, however if you do have actually to proactively hunt for it, it’s safe to say that it’s virtually run out, in which instance it’s a great idea to popular music a new stick in.

Gently press it down into the gun and also then feather the cause lightly to ensure the it butts approximately the currently stick.

As discussed above, to turn on your glue total this is usually just a matter of plugging it right into the mains and also leaving the to gain up come temperature.

In the situation for the gun we space using in this example, the manufacturer claims to leave the gun for 5 minutes, however as mentioned, describe your manufactures user hand-operated for particular times.


Glue total plugged in and also heating approximately temperature

Step 3 – Prepare item to it is in Glued

Whilst waiting for her glue total to get up to temperature, now is a good time come do any prep work required to the items you’re gluing.

Any and also all surfaces gift glued need to be cost-free from any grease, dust or various other debris and also dry.

If any type of grease is present, wipe over with a slightly wet rag and then dry it off.

Additionally, if the surfaces you space gluing are polished or really shiny, gluing them together as-is might not it is in that effective as the glue will have very small to bond to.

For surfaces of this kind they will need to be roughed up first to provide a an essential for the glue to bond to. Usage some 120 – 160 grit sandpaper and gently rub over the gluing area.

This is additionally the case if you are gluing timber, offer it a quick rub over v some sandpaper prior to applying any type of glue.


Sanding over timber surface to clean the up all set for glueing

Wipe off any dust or debris developed by the sanding and you have to now be all set to go.

Step 4 – begin Gluing

With every little thing now all set it’s time to apply some glue. Before applying the glue straight on to any kind of surfaces the a an excellent idea to do a test first.

With the nozzle hovering over your drip mat, tenderness squeeze the trigger until adhesive starts come flow. The circulation should be smooth and also consistent, if not, there may be an concern with her gun.


Test to express on drip mat come make sure gun is working correctly

Once girlfriend have evidenced all is well and also the adhesive is flowing openly you deserve to now use some glue.

Lay your surfaces to it is in glued down level on your work-related surface and position the nozzle that the gun in ~ the begin of your very first surface.

Apply part gentle push to the cause until the adhesive starts to flow freely, in ~ which allude move the gun follow me the size of the surface, easing the create off together you technique the end.


Glue applied to timber surfaces prepared for sticking together

With the an initial surface coated, relocate on to the next, using the techniques over to apply the adhesive to the surface.

With the glue applied, place the surfaces together firmly making sure everything is inside wall up correctly.

If needed, you can likewise clamp the items together. This will certainly prevent any type of movement and also ensure the surface are completely engaged through each other.


Timber surfaces thrust together and also clamped until glue has dried

If over there is any kind of surplus glue then it’s ideal to leaving this until it’s hardened off at which allude you can scrape it off through a knife or scraper.

Note: The temperature of your surroundings will certainly play a component in the speed that the glue starts to dry. As we were working through this demo in our workshop at the finish of October it to be cold, which consequently cooled the adhesive and enabled it to set quicker. In this case we just had about 10 seconds before it began to walk hard!

With the over in mind, your initial check squeeze will give you a good idea of how quick the glue will set. Obviously nothing poke it with your finger together it’s hot, but poke the dollop it v a small stick every few seconds until it walk hard and this will tell you how much time did you do it got.s

Step 5 – permit Everything to dry

In regards to drying time, you might be questioning yourself; just how long does that take warm glue to dry? In answer, enable at the very least 5 minutes prior to moving anything to ensure the glue has time to set.

Most glues need to have set enough to allow you to relocate the object you’re functioning on, but if friend can, permit 12 hours for the adhesive to yes, really harden off.


Pieces that timber successfully joined together and also left till glue has fully cured

Step 6 – Finishing up

Once you have finished applying any kind of glue, pop your glue gun ago on its stand ensuring the in an upright position over her drip mat to catch any escaping glue.

If you’re no going to be making use of it again or definitely for 30 minutes or so rotate it off at the mains.


Glue total propped earlier on stand and also turned turn off at mains

Once the adhesive has set you’ve currently successfully used glue using a adhesive gun! an excellent job!

After use, on some occasions, excess glue can collect on and around the nozzle. In most cases when you next use it, the heating up procedure will melt this glue so it shouldn’t reason an issue, however if huge amounts space present, wear some sturdy protective gloves and use a damp towel to wipe the overabundance away.

Leave the glue gun for at least 40 minutes or for this reason after you have turned it turn off to cool down and once cool, fill it far safely.

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Further Tips and also Advice top top Using hot Melt adhesive Guns

If you have operated through the above steps, these must cover nice much every little thing you must know about how to use a adhesive gun to glue 2 items together, however just in situation here complies with a couple of quick tips and pointers ~ above using, storing and maintaining them:

When in use and cooling down, always ensurethe glue gun is relaxing on the stand, with the nozzle pointing downwardsBefore pack away constantly make certain the nozzle has actually cooled downNever rest a glue gun on its side or tilt the upwards to use it overhead. Hot melted adhesive can easily run earlier into the human body of the gun and also cause damageBefore use, check the glue gun over to ensure over there is no damages presentWhen making use of a glue gun constantly wear old clothing, security gloves, eye protection and also a maskNever allow a glue gun come overheat come the suggest that glue starts to burnAlways work-related in a clear, solid, level and well ventilated work-related areaNever leaving a adhesive gun unattended as soon as it’s turned onNever shot to remove a adhesive stick the been put into a adhesive gun. When inserted and also used and the gun has actually cooled, leave it in there because that the following time that usedNever touch the nozzle when it’s hot! The nozzle that some firearms can reach temperatures of up to and also over 350 degrees!

At DIY physician we always say girlfriend usually obtain what friend pay because that so we recommend that you take into consideration what you desire this tool to attain and spend the proper amount the money on her glue gun. Choices are easily accessible from our device store.