Writing decimals in words have to not be tough if you interpreted my lesson about reading and also writing whole numbers.

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Do not try to research this lesson before getting a good and solid understanding of how to read and also write entirety numbers. I recommend likewise that you research the figure listed below carelly!

Here are the actions to follow when writing decimal in words

To read and also write decimals, use the complying with steps:


action #1
First, review the number to the left the the decimal suggest as a totality number. Action #2Say "and" for the decimal point. Step #3Read the digits to the best of the decimal suggest as a whole number. Step #4Say the place name the the last digit ~ above the right.

Let united state follow the 4 steps above in order to check out this number: 8278.9670

Step #1

First, read the number to the left that the decimal suggest as a whole number.The digits to the left the the decimal allude is the number 8278 and we can read it together eight thousand, two hundred seventy-eight.

Step #2

Say and for the decimal point.

Step #3

Read the digits to the ideal of the decimal allude as a whole number.The digits to the best of the decimal suggest is the number 9670 and we have the right to read it as nine thousand, six hundred seventy.

Step #4

Say the ar name the the last digit ~ above the right. The last digit ~ above the appropriate is 0 and also its location name is ten-thousandths.

Putting it every together, we acquire eight thousand, 2 hundred seventy-eight and also nine thousand, six hundred seventy ten-thousandths.

More instances showing how to compose decimals in words.


25.578  is check out twenty-five and also five hundreds seventy-eight thousandths.

7000.14  is review seven thousand and also fourteen hundredths.

0.002  is read two thousandths.

Notice that for the example right above, there is no should say zero and also two thousandths. 

250.00035  is check out two hundred fifty and also thirty five hundred-thousandths.

10.061  is read ten and also sixty-one thousandths.

7001.01  is review seven thousand, one and one hundredth.

0.0020  is check out twenty ten-thousandths.

Notice again that there is no must say zero and twenty ten-thousandths. 

488.53846 is read 4 hundred eighty-eight and also fifty-three thousand, eight hundreds forty-six hundred-thousandths.

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Writing decimal in native quiz. Watch if you can acquire 100% top top this quiz.

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