In this article, we define how to turn off iPod Nano or iPod Classic. Instructions also apply come the 7th, 6th, and 5th Generation iPod nano.

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Many versions of the iPod nano don’t have actually a traditional On/Off button. So just how do you revolve off an iPod nano? The answer counts on which design you have. In this article, we describe how to revolve off iPod Nano or iPod Classic.

As long as you’re running an iPod nano OS 1.1 or higher (a 6th or 7th generation Nano), you’ll be able to easily rotate off your iPod in simply one second. If her iPod nano is older than that, then every you have the right to do to rotate it off is to collection it aside and wait because that it to enter “sleep” setting to maintain energy. If you do have the newer generation of iPod nano and want to know just how to rotate it off, just follow these steps.

Instructions in this article apply to the 7th, 6th, and 5th Generation iPod nano and also earlier models. Apple discontinued the iPod Nano top top July 27, 2017.

Identify your iPod Nano Model

You need to know what nano design you have in stimulate to recognize which instructions to follow. This is particularly tricky due to the fact that so many models of the iPod nano look similar.

The easiest way to carry out this is by comparing your iPod to the various generations listed on the apologize website.

Step 1: open Apple’s “Identify her iPod model” site. Walk to in your computer’s web browser. This is the website on i m sorry Apple perform their different iPod models.

Turn Off her iPod Nano Or iPod Classic

Step 2: pick a model. In ~ the peak of the page, click the iPod option which correlates v your model of iPod. This will take you to the many recent generation of your selected iPod.

If you’re not sure which iPod model you have, role down till you see an iPod which each other yours.

Step 3: uncover your iPod’s model. Scroll v the various generations that iPods till you uncover one which resembles your model.

Step 4: compare the iPod’s design with her iPod. Listed below the model’s generation heading, you’ll see a list of features consisted of in the iPod. If the features noted on the site match the features your iPod has, you’ve discovered your iPod’s generation.

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How To revolve Off 7th And 6th Generation iPod Nano

Method 1

Step 1: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button. This is the switch that is offered for the play and also pause function. Make certain that the iPod isn’t gift charged or isn’t plugged in to any type of power device, or that won’t turn off.

Step 2: move the hold button to the right. This will certainly ensure that the iPod will continue to be turned off.

Method 2

Step 1: move the hold button to the left. This will permit you to press the Sleep/Wake button again.

Step 2: push the Sleep/Wake button again. This will rotate on her iPod nano again. If you carry out this within five minutes of turning it off, it will remember your iPod playlist.

How To revolve Off your iPod Nano Or iPod Classic

How To rotate Off enlarge iPod Nanos

The fifth generation iPod nano and earlier models don’t shut down in an expected way. They cannot be turn off. Instead, they walk to sleep:

Gradually: If you usage your nano because that a minute or 2 then collection it aside, the display starts to dim and also eventually go black. This is the nano going to sleep. Once an iPod nano is asleep, it uses less battery power. By letting a nano sleep, the conserves the battery because that later.

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Right Away: If you don’t want to wait because that the steady process, placed the nano to sleep appropriate away. Organize the Play/Pause switch for a few seconds.