When you have actually a pet, you usually want to know whatever you can about it. Some things you could wonder around your pet space frivolous, but others might be quite beneficial in caring for your pal. For instance, if you have the right to determine her pet’s age, friend might have the ability to guess at how long it’ll be a component of your life, based upon that species’ median lifespan in captivity. It is a good enough reason to want to discover your pet’s age, however you might additionally use this details when deciding how much to feed your pet or figuring the end how big of one enclosure you can need when it’s mature.

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For countless pets, over there are reasonably easy means to do an notified guess around how old the pet is. Turtles, on the other hand, space a little harder to accurately gauge. Still, there are a pair of means you have the right to at least gain in the ballpark, and also there’s one means to know for sure exactly how old your turtle is. If you want to figure out just how old your turtle is, then save reading.

The many Accurate way to recognize a Turtle’s Age

Image Credit: climb Things, ShutterstockIf girlfriend really want to understand your turtle’s age, yes sir one method you deserve to be certain certain. This method is entirely accurate and also is the only reliable technique that exists because that determining the exact age of any type of turtle. To use this method, you need to be there when the turtle is born!

Knowing a turtle’s birthdate is by much the most accurate way of determining a turtle’s age due to the fact that you deserve to simply counting the years and months because its birth. Unfortunately, this is additionally the only method to it is in truly specific of just how old any type of turtle is. It’s the only reliable method, together all other techniques involve some kind of guesswork.

Of course, if you already have a turtle and you weren’t over there to witness its birth, this an approach won’t it is in of lot use come you. Luckily, there space a couple of ways for you to make educated guesses around your turtle’s age, i beg your pardon we’re walking to talk about next.

Measure her Turtle come Guess its Age

Even professionals can’t accurately identify a turtle’s period if they don’t recognize for certain when it was born. However, if you measure up the turtle, you deserve to use varieties standards to do an educated estimate around how old the turtle is.

When measuring a turtle, you’ll be measuring the size of that is carapace. This just way that you will do it be measuring indigenous the former of the shell by the turtle’s head to the earlier by that tail. As soon as you recognize the length of the turtle’s carapace, you’ll have to compare that to a size chart for that specific varieties of turtle. It’s vital that you uncover a size chart the matches her turtle’s species. Different varieties can reach vastly different sizes, for this reason if girlfriend compare your turtle’s measurement come a size chart because that a different species, you’ll be acquiring wildly inaccurate results.

Do ring on the covering Count Years choose Tree Rings?

If friend look in ~ the peak of her turtle’s shell, friend might notification that there space rings top top its carapace. Plenty of people believe that this rings deserve to be counting to identify the turtle’s age, comparable to exactly how you have the right to count the rings inside of a tree’s stems to number out roughly how old the tree is.

While count rings might work because that trees, it’s not an accurate technique of figuring the end a turtle’s age. Granted, the more rings a turtle has actually in each ar of the carapace, the older the turtle most likely is. The problem is that there’s no uniformity to those rings; castle don’t same a collection amount that time. Each ring can represent a different length of time. If the turtle wasn’t in great health during specific times, rings might not have formed, and multiple rings might have formed quickly throughout other time in the turtle’s life.

Ask for a Professional’s Opinion

If did you do it tried measuring her turtle yet still aren’t certain that you’ve come up through a satisfactorily accurate age, then it might be time to ask someone who’s a bit much more experienced in the matter. You’ll need to look for a veterinarian that specializes in reptiles and amphibians and also has a many experience with them. Such a experienced might have the ability to offer you an ext insight into your turtle’s age than you deserve to gather on her own. V luck, they’ve handle with many specimens the the same types in the past and might have a deeper expertise on the topic than you’ll be able to glean through a few minutes of internet research.

Image Credit: micahzeb, Pixabay

How to Tell if your Turtle Is masculine or Female

Once you have a an excellent idea of your turtle’s age, you might decide that you want to figure out what sex the is. Unfortunately, as with determining that age, figuring out what sex your turtle is have the right to prove to be rather difficult. As soon as turtles room young, they don’t screen as countless physical features to differentiate between sexes. Sexually mature turtles space much simpler to sex because they’re completely developed.

In many turtle species, males have a depression in your bottom covering that can assist tell them except females. In part water turtles, including the ever-popular red-eared slider, males have actually long nails on the front feet, unequal females the have an extremely short front nails. Female red-eared sliders likewise tend to it is in bigger, providing you a second indication of your turtle’s sex, despite this isn’t the instance with all turtle species.

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If you can compare number of turtles, the male will usually have actually the fatter, much longer tails. Their vents are also closer come the tips of their tales as contrasted to females.


There are plenty of reasons why you might want to recognize your turtle’s age, consisting of guessing that potential lifespan and gauging appropriate food rations. Too negative it’s so hard to figure out exactly how old a turtle is! unless you know when the turtle was born, accurately determining its age will be really hard. Still, you have the right to make a semi-accurate guess based on the measure of that is carapace compared to a size chart because that its species. It’s not the most reliable method, but it should gain you in the best ballpark at least!