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‘His body was torn apart and pieces the mangled flesh were sent in every directions.’‘It"s only a issue of time prior to the spell"s protection will fade and also her human being body be take it apart by the force of gravity, therefore Orphen needs to act quickly.’‘Shane started to scribble ~ above a piece of tissue, when Max got it and also tore it into pieces.’‘As ns watch them writhe in simulated pain, a young punk comes along and also grabs part cardboard native the ground and also starts tearing it right into tiny pieces.’‘He pulled up one more piece that grass and tore it in half down the middle.’‘Grabbing the notes from the bed, she started to tear lock into little pieces.’‘I"ve check out horrifying stories of what happens as soon as a child is aborted, babies being take it to pieces inside the womb, then sucked out, and so on etc.’‘The crew cabin was torn apart in 24 seconds, the report says.’‘The airplane was apparently torn apart before it burned, death the pilot and also copilot.’‘All the talk about foxes being take it to piece misses the point, the says.’‘It is the finish of the hunt once the pet is torn to piece that the bulk of civilization do not like.’‘Two years later I found that note and tore it right into tiny pieces.’‘Imagine a bomb exploding next to a body, tearing that into small pieces.’‘She then helped Nasywa and also three other infants touch pieces of paper, tearing them up and also pasting them on an additional sheet.’‘Dispose of all receipts securely by tearing them into pieces prior to throwing them away.’‘I will write present of poetry on the earlier of bus tickets and also envelopes, and also then I will tear them into tiny pieces and watch lock flutter come the ground.’‘Out of rage I want to tear it into pieces and throw it right into trash can, however instead I placed it in the drawer of my workdesk after managing my temper.’‘Roughly tear the cos right into pieces and also place in a huge salad bowl.’‘I tear this things right into pieces and also put castle in a heap of small white wads top top the table.’