Saying sorry isn’t constantly easy. Whether you’ve obtained into an argument, coincidentally bumped right into someone or just made a mistake, knowing just how to say i m really sorry in Spanish can be useful. If you find yourself in a situation where one apology is necessary, it can be handy to know what come say and when come say it. Different situations call for various things! (To view a whole range of different Spanish scenarios, examine out our Spanish video clip Phrasebook). Don’t sweat that though, we’ve acquired you covered. Below we’ve noted how come say ‘I’m sorry’ in selection of various scenarios. Following time you find yourself in a tricky spot, you will do it know specifically what come say.

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Different means to to speak ‘I’m sorry’ in Spanish

There room several means to to speak sorry, yet the three most usual ones are:

“Lo siento”

This is the most typical phrase for sorry, and is mostly used in informal situations. Because that example, if you make a mistake you would certainly say “lo siento” to express speak sorry. Girlfriend wouldn’t use “perdón” (see below) since if you used perdón, the would typical that you were to blame for the death of the pet! To present a stronger feeling of sorrow, you might say, “lo siento mucho” (“I’m very sorry”) hear a aboriginal speaker speak it now!


Saying sorry (for a loss)

To market your condolences and to say sorry for your loss, you deserve to use lo siento or lo siento mucho. However, making use of lo lamento is more appropriate in this situation. Lo lamento originates from the verb “to regret” (lamentar), and also is much stronger emotionally. Because that example, you have the right to use it come say “I’m i m really sorry for your loss” – Lamento tu/su pérdida.

Saying sorry to loved ones (wife, husband, etc)

Depending ~ above what did you do it done, you can use one of two people lo siento or perdón once saying i m really sorry to a love one.

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For example, if you’ve had actually an discussion with your sister or partner, and also it was your fault, you’d use ‘perdón’, but if a family member told you they hadn’t got a promo at work, you would certainly say ‘lo siento’.


So now you know exactly how to say sorry, and also the different situations you could be in wherein you have to apologise, you can keep learning Spanish successfully! store jumping into learning Spanish and tiny by little, you will do it become an ext comfortable v the language. If you delighted in this post, head come our Spanish learning homepage!