Thedays of theweek in French

anduseful expressions of timeA short guide to the expressing days of the week in French and othercommon expressions related to them. The pronunciations indicated are anappproximation of the French pronunciation for learners or travellerswho do not master French phonetics. The combination is pronounced like the s in the middle of the English word leisure. is pronounced to rhyme with the English words fur or stir,but without pronouncing the rinal .
Tuesdaymardimar dee
Wednesdaymercredimarecreu dee
Thursdayjeudizheu dee
Theday beforeyesterdayavant-hieravon-tee-air
Theday aftertomorrowaprès-demainappray-deur-ma
Inthree daystimedanstrois joursdontrwar zhoor
Fourdays agoil y aquatrejourseelee are katrzhoor
The next daylelendemainleulonder man
The previous dayla veillelavaye
Afortnight - two weeksquinzejourscans-zhoor

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Whatday is it today?On est quel jour aujourd"hui? on ay kel zhooroh-zhoor-dweeTwenty-fourhours a dayVingt-quatreheures par jour.Van-katr-eur pa zhoorAssoon as possibleDèsque possibleday keuposs-eeb-leuauplus vite ohpluveetWheneveryou likeQuand vous voudrezcon voo voudrayNot yetpas encore parse oncorSoonBientôt bjann tow
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