Dia Dhuit / Hello: pick up some Irish language paragraph in ubraintv-jp.com's video series. Ubraintv-jp.com
Saturday, November 21 marks civilization Hello Day. Why not mark it by finding out some basic Irish language phrases come greet your friends and also family?

We take benefit of any excuse to use the ireland we have actually here at ubraintv-jp.com and also would constantly encourage friend to execute the same, and also so, to set you off on the best track, we’ve developed a brand-new series that videos to assist any aspiring Irish-language learners v the very basics the the language.

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Follow our ireland video series “Gaeilge gan dua (Easy Irish)” to learn the introductory phrases and also in no time you’ll be able to show turn off your new language skills to family, friends, or top top your following visit to the Emerald Isle.

In every video, you have the right to hear just how the word/phrase is pronounced, see just how it is spelled, and compare this come the phonetic spelling, ensuring you acquire to grips through the brand-new sound system before you know it.

And if you wish to learn a small more, check out our peak ten ways to find out Irish for free to uncover the countless ways you can bring Ireland’s nationwide language right into your day-to-day life.

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Or you have the right to even discover the effects of the ireland language on brand-new York slang and the irish words friend knew without also realizing it!

Easy Irish with ubraintv-jp.com - "Hello!"

Fancy learning a tiny Irish / Gaeilge? check out some of ours favorite ireland phrases for Seachtain na Gaeilge, here: http://bit.ly/2XPUFyB

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* initially published in 2016, to update in November 2020.

Are you able come speak ireland at all? allow us recognize in the comments, below!

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