There are an accurate ways to convey her well-wishes in the love language, whether it’s a happy occasion like a birthday, anniversary, wedding, promotion, or holidays – or a damaging scenario like a an illness or fatality in the family.

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10+ ways to say Congratulations in French

Check out this an easy guide to stop being stumped as soon as it pertains to saying “Congratulations!” in French.


Félicitations: The standard method to to speak “Congratulations” in French

Félicitations room the most common means to speak “Congratulations” in French. It can be used among intimate friends and in more formal contexts.

Use Félicitations pour, followed by the action/event, to express what you’re congratulating the human on.

An example is: Félicitations to water ton nouvel emploi – Congratulations ~ above your new job

Félicitations to add an adjective

Félicitations work simply well together a standalone expression the congratulations, yet if you desire to spice things up a little, usage it in a finish sentence or include an adjective. Always remember that it’s a plural, feminine word, so double-check that every little thing you add to that is correct.

Keep in mind likewise that the following typical expressions room slightly an ext formal than just saying félicitations, therefore if you’re speaking v someone close come you, you might want to prevent them and keep it simple:

mes/nos sincères félicitations – my/our thank you congratulations.mes/nos vives félicitations – my/our enthusiastic congratulationstoutes mes/nos félicitations – my/our wholehearted congratulations.

Informal ways to to speak Congratulations in French

Now the you’ve learned the typical French word because that “congratulations,” it’s time to exercise saying the in more casual instances with world you know.

It’s necessary to store in mind the the lines between what’s considered “informal” and “slang” can blur in ~ times. No one of the terms or paragraph on this list, however, space objectionable through definition.

Bravo! – Congratulations/Well Done!

Bravo is the most typical of the casual ways to say “congratulations” in French, and also you’ll hear that frequently. It can be offered in almost any situation, as with félicitations.

Chapeau! – Congratulations/Well Done

This one truly equates to “Hats turn off to you!” It’s an ext traditional 보다 bravo and a little less adaptable. It’s commonly used to celebrate small accomplishments, such as fixing a disagreement, learning to bake a basic cake, or finishing a five-kilometer run.

Bien joué! – Congratulations/Well Done/ lit. Fine Played!

Bien joué is finest used in the context of sporting achievement, simply as it is in English. However, it can be used if you want to congratulate someone in a much more informal setting, specifically when complimenting them on exactly how they completed something.

This expression is additionally used ironically by some people. If friend think who isn’t applauding girlfriend +based on your tone, human body language, or face expression), climate they most likely aren’t.

Formal ways to to speak Congratulations in French

When you must temper your enthusiasm when saying Congratulations in French, especially in skilled circumstances and also writing – use the phrases below.

Féliciter – come Congratulate

To congratulate someone formally, whether talked or written, you have the right to simply use the verb “to congratulate” or féliciter in French, just as that is done in English.

Tous mes compliments/tous nos compliments – thank you very much Congratulations

This is fairly a formal way to convey your congrats in French, and also while you have the right to hear people say it, it’s also much more typically used in creating to someone you don’t recognize well or in a skilled setting.

Je tiens à vous féliciter pour… – ns Must/Should Congratulate you For…

This is once you wish to express her heartfelt congratulations to someone else in a formal setting, perhaps for a significant accomplishment or come express gratitude because that something they go that assisted others who room working toward the same objective.

How come say congratulations in French for various occasions

Congratulations: brand-new baby

So, a friend or family member is expecting a child or has recently offered birth. Here’s just how you can congratulate lock in French.

Félicitations to water la nouvelle arrivée dans votre famille! – Congratulations top top the brand-new arrival in your family!Nous sommes ravis d’apprendre la naissance de votre petit garçon / petite fille. Félicitations. – We room delighted to hear that the birth of your brand-new baby boy/girl. Congratulations.

Congratulations: School-related

Someone girlfriend know has actually just accomplished something in school – graduating, moving up to higher education, or being accepted into a university.

This is a minute you desire to celebrate their success by extending your Congratulations. Here’s just how you speak it in French.

Félicitations to water ton diplôme! – Congratulations on her graduation!Félicitations pour tes examens – Congratulations on passing her exams!Bien joué to water les examens. – well done on her exams.Félicitations pour l’obtention de ton Master! – Congratulations on obtaining your Masters!Félicitations pour ton entrée à l’université. – fine done on obtaining into University.

Congratulations/Best Wishes: Engagement and Wedding

Weddings and engagements are two that life’s many joyful occasions. Here are part French expression to use as soon as you desire to say that you’re happy for your friends or family. You have the right to use this to congratulate them and also wish them well as they celebrate this far-ranging achievement.


Félicitations pour tes fiançailles! – Congratulations on her engagement!


Félicitations to water votre mariage! – Congratulations top top the wedding! (formal)Félicitations et meilleurs vœux à vous deux pour votre mariage.

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– Congratulations and also best desire to girlfriend both on your wedding day. (formal)Félicitations pour vous être dit “oui”! Congratulations on saying yes (informal)Félicitations à vous deux! Congratulations on tying the knot! (informal)

Congratulations: Work-related

Wins and achievements at job-related warrant a celebration, as well as well-wishes indigenous friends and also family. So, if you have to express your congratulations in French, right here are a few options:

Félicitations pour avoir décroché ce poste! – Congratulations on getting the job!Félicitations pour ton avancement! – Congratulations top top the promotion!

Using the Adjective Bon to Say Congratulations in French

Another strategy to to express congrats in French is to placed the adjective bon (excellent) before a noun, especially if you’re congratulating someone on anything specific. Below are part examples:

Bon travail les gars! (Good work, guys!)Bonne réussite! (Great success!)

Note: the woman bon becomes bonne if that is a feminine noun.