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There’s so lot to discover in Greece, through a differed mainland and also thousands of islands. Greek human being are really proud of their language and culture and evaluate it when human being make an initiative to speak Greek. Your suffer there have the right to only be boosted by discovering some that the language prior to you go, however after you’ve mastered the pleasantries, what have to you learn? below are some Greek phrases to take with you the will help you to yes, really immerse you yourself in Greek culture.


1. Ena kafe, parakalo

Like Turkey, greek is fond of their really own coffee. Greek coffee is far removed from what you’d get in a Starbucks. Made with a fine coffee grind in a tall, small pot (called a briki, cezve or ibrik), it’s offered with the grounds still in the cup, which are left to settle as you drink, and foam on top. Drinking coffee is a leisurely work in Greece and also a coffee-break can last hours. The main phrase you need is ena kafe, parakalo (a coffee, please), yet you’ll likewise want to know just how to asking for various levels the sweetness.

Sketos – unsweetened

Metrio  – rather sweet

Glyko – sweet

Varyglyko – an extremely sweet

Traditionally served black and also usually v a glass that water ~ above the side, drink Greek coffee is something friend don’t want to miss. If you’re unsure despite you deserve to ask for it with milk (kafe me gala), or also just for an immediate Nescafe (ena ness).

2. Ya mas!

If you planning to invest a lot of your time in greek in the countless tavernas, you’re certain to desire to know just how to make a toast. The Greek version of “cheers” is ya mas, which way “to our health”. As in other countries, girlfriend clink glasses when you toast. In fact, there’s a concept that this legacy originated v the old Greeks. Through clinking her glasses with each other your drink would slosh into the various other person’s glass and also therefore if it was poisoned, they would certainly be poisoned too. You can additionally make a toast to who else, by speak stinygiasou (to her health) in informal situations and also eis igían sas if you discover yourself at a much more formal function.

3. Opa!This multifunctional word will serve you well in plenty of different situations. Periodically it method “oops!”, periodically it’s supplied as a contact for attention and also it’s also cried as soon as the fire is lit top top the flambé dish saganaki. Regularly opa is simply an interjection when everyone’s having fun, particularly when to dance (think that the picture of Greeks break plates!). Greek singer Giorgos Alkaios sang his tune “OPA!” at the Eurovision song dispute in 2010, together a article to Greeks come dance and be happy in the challenge of the financial crisis. Opa is about excitement and also high spirits, which you will do it be seeing plenty that in Greece.

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4. Fili mou

Finally, Greeks are very friendly and it’s not uncommon to usage affectionate terms even towards strangers. Fili mou means “my friend”, moro mou “my baby” and also agape mou “my love”. Nothing be as well surprised if a finish stranger proclaims their love to you!

To learn an ext useful Greek phrases prior to you walk on her travels, send us a rapid enquiry around lessons in your city.

Can girlfriend speak any kind of Greek already? Which various other phrases are essential to an yes, really Greek experience?