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How come say Bon appétit! in Italian: buon appetito!

Learning Italian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To speak Bon appétit! in Italian: buon appetito!Say it out loud: “bwoan application uh tee toe

You can learn exactly how to say Bon appétit! and over 220 various other travel-friendly words and phrases v our inexpensive, easy-to-use Italian language cheat sheets. We can assist you make your next trip to another country even more fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some more helpful words in our Italian an ext Dining Basics category:

...some (of) – un pó (di) (oon poh dee)...this/that – questo / quello (kway sto / kwel loh)all done – e" sufficiente (eh sue fish en tay)another – ... Un"altra (oon all tra)Bon appétit! – buon appetito! (bwoan app uh tee toe)can ns have…? – posso avere (poh for this reason ah veh ray)can ns see…? – posso ...vedere (...veh dehr eh)can us have...? – possiamo avere (poh see ah mo ah veh ray)can we check out ...? – possiamo …vedere (...veh dehr eh)Cheers! – salute (sah loo tay)Eat! Eat! – mangi! (Mahn gee)I am hungry – ho call (ōh fah may)I to be thirsty – ho sete (ōh to speak tay)I ate – ho mangiato (oh mahn jee ah toe)I would certainly like… – vorrei (voar ray)we ate – abbiamo mangiato (ahb punishment yah mo)we ate well! – abbiamo mangiato bene (ahb punishment yah mo only nay)we would like… – vorremmo (vor beam mo)

And here’s exactly how to speak Bon appétit! in various other languages!

Arabic–Bel Hana Wel Shefa (bel ha na wel she fa)Chinese–Zhù Nǐhǎo Wèi! (Joo Nee Hao Way!)Croatian–dobar tek! (doe bar tek)Czech–Dobrou chuť! (dow bro khoot)Finnish–Hyvää ruokahalua! (hih vaah ruh five kah hahl uh ah)French–Bon appétit! (boan ah pay tee)German–guten appetit! (goo ten ah pay teet)Italian–buon appetito! (bwoan application uh tee toe)Japanese–Itadakimasu (Ee Tah Dah Kee Mass)Korean–Masissge Deuseyo! (Ma Shi Ke Du Se Yo!)Polish–Smacznego! (smatch na goh!)Portuguese–Bom Proveito! (bohm agree vay too!)Russian–Priyatnogo appetita! (Pree yat nah vah ah pye tee tah!)Spanish–buen provecho (bwain pro vay" cho)Swahili–Bon appétit! (Bon appétit!)Thai–Gin Khao! (geen KAO!)Turkish–afiyet olsun! (ah fee yet ol sun)Vietnamese–Chúc Ngon Miệng (Chook Ngon Mieng)

The expression "Bon appétit!" (buon appetito!) is French, and way "enjoy your meal." the is surprisingly universal, and is interpreted in plenty of languages around the world. We also provide translations that "Bon appétit!" (buon appetito!) into each of ours languages. It is typically misspelled - part examples might be bon apetite, bon appetit and also bone apetite. If a server speak you "Bon appétit!" (buon appetito!), merely say say thanks to you in Italian or the society you space visiting. Obtain instant access to the Italian Language Set.

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