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I"ve viewed a dozen techniques on the network for resetting the ECU/PCM. They include just remove one or both battery cables because that 5 seconds to 24 hours, that as well as press brake/horn/turn on lamp or whatever to eliminate residual ECU power, emotional battery cables together/touching cables together will punch the truck up, ignition on and also pull fuses because that 5 seconds, open up gas cap and pee in the tank and so forth.I"ve acquired a 2013 Sierra. What is the obvious, unquestionable indicator the the ECU/PCM reset method used was certainly successful?

Why was it reset? the doesn"t matter, yet if friend left the battery disconnected for 24 hrs it"s definitely reset.
Why to be it reset? it doesn"t matter, yet if girlfriend left the battery disconnected because that 24 hours it"s certainly reset.

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After 24 hours, when I obtain in the truck, revolve the key to on, I understand it is reset because I"ll view what? expedition meter zeroed out? What plainly indicates it was successful?

There isn"t any indicators on/in the van that will certainly say it"s reset. Ns don"t think the trip meter will even reset. I know mine doesn"t when I reset mine.So ns guess my inquiry sort if does matter. To be there a code that you are trying come clear? i don"t see any kind of other factor to reset the ecu. Except maybe cleaning the accelerator body.
Yep, cleaned the accelerator body. Forgot to connect MAF. Walk reset/Idle relearn and also CEL irradiate went out. I know driving it because that a while would have actually made the light go out as well but ns was interested to view if there was anything plainly identifiable mirroring whether a 5 second battery attach worked vs to add headlight vs 10 minute disconnect and also so on.I walk disconnect power a few weeks ago for a 3 day lengthy sound deadening job for the roof, floor and earlier wall. When I hooked it back up my expedition meter, timer and also other resettables were every zeroed out and also I got a Nav boot up display screen that I"m not provided to. Possibly the DIC and also Nav unit respond in different ways than the ECU come battery disconnect.While resetting after the MAF password I wondered if there would certainly be any kind of clear indicator that the reset was successful since it didn"t act like it did after the sound deadening project.People occasionally recommend a reset after ~ a power upgrade. Saying perform one is common. Speak this way works but this method doesn"t is common. However exactly exactly how do people know one way doesn"t work if over there is no clean indicator like a CEL to go out?