Use the following Steps to Dye your Leather Armor in Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) or Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (Bedrock).

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Craft a CauldronFill Cauldron with water from BucketAdd Dye to the Cauldron, water will certainly revolve color of DyeSelect Leather Armor to Dye and also touch Cauldron

To Craft a Cauldron, the recipe supplies 7 Iron Ingots as displayed.


Choose from the easily accessible Dyes to Color your Leather Armor

Ink SacRose RedCactus GreenCocoa BeanLapis LazuliPurple DyeCyan DyeLight Grey DyeGrey DyePink DyeLime DyeDandelion YellowLight Blue DyeMagenta DyeOselection DyeBone Meal

Craft your Leather Armor via the follow recipes


That’s just how you dye your Leather Armor, express your imagination. Here’s me dressed as Commander Keen.


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