The Duggar family, stars of counting On, all have actually a lot of money. Here"s a net worth failure of all the adult Duggar family members.

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How do The ‘Counting On’ Stars, The Duggar’s, make Ends Meet?
The Duggar family an initial hit tv in 2005 v a few annual specials around their larger-than-life family. In 2008, the hit display 17 Kids and Counting aired ~ above TLC; it followed the stays of Jim Bob and also Michelle Duggar and also their farming family. Now the pair have actually 19 children, countless of whom are grown up with youngsters of their own. The as soon as 19 Kids and Counting collection has due to the fact that become Counting On — a display that complies with the stays of the Duggar children and also their growing families.

also though the Duggars show up to be fairly frugal and talk a lot about budgeting, it can"t be simple (or cheap) to raise 19 kids. How do the Duggars make ends meet? It can not surprise you come hear that, after ~ 15 years of TV series and specials, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar space millionaires; they have actually a network worth that $5 million. Their fundamentalist religion concentrates on timeless family roles, for this reason the women typically don"t work; your husbands room expected to provide. However, numerous of the adult youngsters are millionaires in their very own right since of the television series and publication publications.

Here is a malfunction of just how the adults in the Duggar family make money.

Jim Bob and also Michelle Duggar

The patriarch and matriarch of the Duggar household are both licensed actual estate agents who have been buying and also selling properties because the 1980s. Owning and renting out commercial property permits them to salary for their lifestyle, which cost between $3000-5000 every month when all of the youngsters still live at home. From 1999-2002, Jim Bob was a Republican member of the Arkansas State residence of Representatives; he served a term, for this reason he to be a payment senator.

Jim Bob additionally is the major payee for Counting On, so he makes significant money from the (an estimated $25,000-$45,000 USD every episode), and also pays each of his adult kids a section of the income. Their TLC fortune has served castle well: Jim Bob and Michelle very own 27 properties in Washington County and 10 properties in Benton county in Arkansas. They to be able to construct their 7,000 square foot home in Tontitown, Arkansas without blame or a mortgage, thanks to the show.

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Joshua and Anna Duggar

The eldest Duggar child and also his wife, Anna, have six kids together. Mock is no longer affiliated with TLC, together it pertained to light in 2015 the he sexually abused numerous of his sisters when they were younger,but Anna still provides cameos here and there. That was additionally revealed in 2015 that Josh paid for an "affair guarantee" via the site Ashley Madison — a dating website because that married world looking come cheat on your partners. His dreams of pursuing a job in D.C. Quickly halted, and the pair are now allegedly living in a windowless warehouse on Jim Bob and also Michelle"s property and also selling supplied cars to make ends meet. Rumor has actually it the he still it s okay money indigenous his parents, also though he"s no much longer on the show. Josh"s net worth is apparently $500,000.

man David and Abbie Duggar

man David (JD) and Abbie are regulars on the show, for this reason they have actually an revenue from TLC. JD is worth an estimated $500,000-$1,000,000. Abbie to be a nurse before marrying john David, however it"s not clear if she has actually savings from her job. John operated as a constable, and also he also has his pilot"s license (and a aircraft his parental bought him), however it"s unsure if he functions as a pilot, or if he just flies his household members around.

Jana Duggar

Jana is the earliest Duggar daughter. She still resides close to house so she can assist take treatment of her younger siblings. Regardless of not working, she is precious a hard $400,000 and owns a home that she bought from her grandma, Mary, because that $1.

Jill and Derick Dillard

Jill"s husband, Derick Dillard, is also an outcast. He made transphobic comments on Twitter towards another TLC actors member in 2018 — Jazz Jennings — and has since been booted from the show. In spite of no longer being a component of the series, Jill Dillard is precious a hefty $1,000,000. Derick is in regulation school in Arkansas and also works at the Sebastian county Prosecutor"s Office, according to his LinkedIn. Jill is mostly a stay-at-home-mom, but is a registered midwife who has actually helped provide her sisters" babies.

Jessa and also Ben Seewald

Jessa, favor her sisters, doesn"t work, but it likewise seems favor her husband, Ben, doesn"t either — in ~ least, because that now; Ben is in institution to it is in a pastor, which comes with a usual salary. Lock bought their home from Jessa"s grandma, Mary, for $1; if that"s any indication of just how they"ll spend Jessa"s network worth of a million dollars, they"ll be OK.

Jinger and also Jeremy Vuolo

favor his brother-in-law, Ben, Jeremy is to plan on gift a pastor. Currently, he and also Jinger room living in Los Angeles while that completes his education. Jeremy was previously a experienced soccer player, however going indigenous a professional athlete"s salary to a pastor"s is a large drop. In spite of that, they"re living in a gorgeous home in LA county, and their combined net precious is reportedly $2 million.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar

Joseph functions for his dad, flipping houses. He apparently is to plan on obtaining his real estate license, choose his parents, and his CDL, i m sorry will help in residence flipping. His net worth is approximated to be $200,000. That appears low, however if it turns out anything favor his siblings", he and also Kendra will be just fine.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar

Josiah (aka "Si") works alongside his brother, Joseph, and also their dad. He additionally helps Jim Bob remodel homes. His approximated net worth is $500,000.

Joy-Anna and also Austin Forsyth

for being only 22, Joy-Anna is law well because that herself. The 9th Duggar kid is worth $150,000. Her husband, Austin Forsyth, is complying with in his father-in-law"s footsteps: the flips homes in Arkansas, and apparently the makes good money doing it.

The Duggar kids have all gotten a far-reaching leg-up from their parents and late grandmother. Almost all of them live in houses that room owned by their dad, or that they purchase off their grandmother for $1. They likewise seemingly all support themselves via either your TLC money or Jim Bob"s employment. Ns guess these folks are all Counting On the millions to keep rolling in.

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