newly the internet has actually been abuzz around the opportunity of donating a testicle because that a large monetary payout after an old day-to-day Buzz Live report resurfaced top top Facebook. The write-up explains the one means for a man to knife some fast cash is to donate a testicle. The payout being $35,000, follow to the report. So how specifically would a person go around donating a testicle? We discovered out for you.

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The Huffington Post reported on the nutty procedure. In the post it is disclosed the a man, mark Parisi, who was featured ~ above an episode of Extreme Cheapskates had found a university study that was willing to salary $35,000 because that a clinical trial top top a male subject. The attempt would include removing among the man"s testicles and replacing it with a prosthetic one. Parisi claimed at the time,

"What you do is you walk in and you donate one of your testicles, they change it with an synthetic one and also when you inspect out after 14 days you gain a check for $35,000."

With the recent resurgence that the maybe dubious topic, forums across the internet lit up with inquiries on where to sign up come donate. One subject on AR15 has actually men lining up to obtain the procedure, most of lock don"t seem to think lock will miss out on one testicle. In fact, on the Tiger Droppings forum, plenty of of the males seemed intrigued at the thought of a prosthetic testicle.

Unfortunately because that those wanting to donate, it appears this offer is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure. A couple things have to be sharp out; a current search the ongoing clinical trials, testicle removal is not on the list. In fact, there are no testicle clinical trials in ~ the moment unless you have testicular cancer. Furthermore, what Parisi describes is no a donation in the sense that countless are implying. The gotten rid of testicle was no to it is in transplanted into another or even studied for the matter. The medical trial was to research the removal procedure and prosthetic testicle as a replacement. Therefore, there was never ever a recipient come the donation.

Sadly because that those seeking fast cash who have actually a testicle to offer up, it shows up you are out that luck. However, as the everyday Buzz Live post points out, over there are various other donations you can make to earn a little sum. Men can donate sperm and also make anywhere from $30-$300 every donation or donate plasma in ~ $20-$50 a pop. Sperm donors, be leery though. The previously reported that the state the Kansas demanded child support indigenous a sperm donor.

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If you are a woman, her prospects are also better. Women deserve to earn $5,000-$10,000 for donating your eggs.

Fun fact, donating a testicle is just 3.5-7 times as financially rewarding as donating an egg. Ladies, wtf. Go make money.