Your Twitter handle can be overwhelming occasionally when friend go through hundreds of exciting tweets daily. Twitter is famous amongst users because you have the option of retweeting a tweet the you uncover interesting or you think is good. However, there room times as soon as you retweet a tweet by mistake, or you could not desire your followers to view that retweet? Well, in this situation, you look because that a delete button to remove the retweet from your account. Unfortunately, you carry out not have actually a delete button, but there is another way to delete a retweet. To aid you out, we have a guide on how come delete a retweet from Twitter the you have the right to follow.

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How to remove a Retweet indigenous Twitter 

You can quickly follow this step-by-step guide to eliminate a retweet the you posted on her Twitter account:

1. Open up the Twitter application on your device, or you can additionally use the web version.

2. Log into her account by making use of your username and password.

3. Click on the hamburger symbol or 3 horizontal lines on the top-left edge of the screen.


4. Walk to her profile.


5. As soon as in your profile, scroll down and locate the retweet that you wish to delete.

6. Under the retweet, you have actually to click the retweet arrowhead icon. This arrowhead icon will present up in environment-friendly color listed below the retweet.


7. Finally, choose undo retweet to eliminate the retweet.


That’s it; when you click on undo retweet, her retweet will be eliminated from her account, and your followers will no longer see it on her profile.

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Frequently Asked concerns (FAQs)

Q1. How do ns delete a retweeted tweet top top Twitter?

To delete a retweeted tweet ~ above Twitter, open your Twitter app and locate the retweet you great to remove. Finally, girlfriend can click on the green retweet arrowhead icon listed below the retweet and also select cancel retweet.

Q2. Why can’t ns delete retweets?

If girlfriend accidentally retweeted something and want to remove it from your timeline, then you may be trying to find a delete button. However, there is no certain delete button for remove the retweets. Every you need to do is click on the environment-friendly retweet arrowhead icon below the retweet and also select the option ‘undo retweet’ to eliminate the retweet from your timeline.

Q3. Just how do girlfriend undo a retweet of all your tweets?

It is not possible to cancel a retweet the all your tweets. However, as soon as you delete her tweet, then all the retweets of your tweet will likewise be eliminated from Twitter. Moreover, if you wish to delete all her retweets, you deserve to use third-party tools like Circleboom or tweet deleter.

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We hope the this guide was helpful and you to be able to delete a retweet native Twitter. If friend still have any type of queries concerning this article, then feel free to ask them in the comments section.