There is no means to eliminate your profile picture from Twitter. The is, you can not delete the image and also go ago to the default avatar.

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Choose the little camera symbol in the center of the file picture.

On a next note, you must hit the camera icon dead on if you’re making alters via desktop. Be that as it may, you will do it land on her Camera Roll/Gallery or local disk. Select the image you’d prefer to use and reposition it come fit the small circle.

Make sure to pick the picture that’s properly centered since Twitter doesn’t sell a lot of wiggle room as soon as it involves repositioning the image. And also if you’re making use of your mobile device, girlfriend can constantly take a selfie and use it as a profile picture.

Trick the System

As said, there is no means to eliminate the image and also go back to the default avatar. But, this doesn’t average you can’t make it show up as if you did.

The Twitter default avatar is now a very stylized human being silhouette in 2 shades the gray. You have the right to download this picture to her smartphone or computer system and collection it as your file picture.

And if you loved the Twitter avatar egg that got retired a couple of years ago, feel totally free to use that together your profile picture.


On the various other hand, if you decide to perform it via desktop, over there is a huge X switch to take the photo into digital oblivion.

The default header background looks a little bit bland. It’s irradiate gray on mobile devices and also dark gray on desktop Twitter. For this reason you could want come upload a livelier image.

Other Twitter Customizations

There’s not a totality lot you deserve to do in regards to profile customizations. Twitter permits you to include a bio, location, website, and your day of birth.

Adding a ar is the simplest since Twitter choose up on your whereabouts. That is unless you’ve unchecked the alternatives under “Customize your Experience” as soon as you installed the app.


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