When he was ripped from his body in Godrics Hollow, I'm assuming he didn't someexactly how bring his wand also via him right into the woodlands of Albania(it was Albania, right?) So just how did he obtain his wand ago that night he reverted in the graveyard? Is this something that was answered that I missed? Theories and also answers human being, I need them.

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Edit: changed Grimmauld Place to Godrics Hollow. Never kind and talk around two different things, men, its dangerous.


According to an unsubstantiated report, JKR told someone at the 2004 Edinburgh Publication Festival that Wormtail retrieved the wand from the Potters' home and also hid it while he pretfinished to be the Weasleys' rat.

I'm not completely certain it's answered concretely. Someone may have the ability to suggest out a passage somewhere. But I think there's an presumption that his death eaters most likely took care of points after he disappeared from Godrick's Hollow (not Grimmauld place).

Like Wormtail, who saw such great lengths to lug him ago, or Lucius, that had the ability to escape persecution.

But I think there's an presumption that his death eaters more than likely took treatment of things after he disshowed up from Godrick's Hollow

But this would certainly suppose that either Hagrid or whoever before else went to Godric's Hollow just ignored the wand or the Death eaters went first and also ignored Harry.

Voldemort's heart still had actually enough toughness to execute stuff such as partly possess Quirrel and also rats. Perhaps the soul hid the wand.

When he was ripped from his body in Grimmauld Place

Godric's Hollow. Grimmauld Place is wbelow the Black household lived.

As for the wand, I think that what occurred is Wormtail somehow got host of it in the after-effects of his initially defeat. I'm not sure how, or why it would've been left lying about.

I believed Sirius acquired it when he met up via Hagrid at the Potters residence so as soon as he challenged Peter, Peter took Voldemort's wand.

Thanks for the correction! I was talking and also keying at the very same time and need to have typed what I was saying lol

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I have actually asked this extremely question many times. Most human being allude to an interview wbelow J.K says that Pettithrived was existing at Godric's hollow and also took it following Voldemort's downautumn.

Unfavor an excellent many, I uncover it difficult to take the tid bits J.K drops right here and also there as canon. Especially in instances such as this, wright here it doesn't make any kind of flaming sense.

Pettigrew believed Voldy was dead, so WHY would certainly he take it? What wregarding be gained? Plus he kbrand-new he would certainly be blamed by the powerful Death Eaters that stayed (which is why he faked his fatality and also framed Sirius) taking the wand also would certainly only give credence to the concept that he betrayed Voldemort, either having actually taken it as a trophy or in an attempt to usurp power.

And if he did take it, what did he carry out through it while he was a rat for 12 years? Nope. Doesn't make a lick of sense.

So what's the various other option? Voldemort's body was damaged, dying, he tries to escape and hides the wand also somewhere before his body lastly gives out? Well that would definitely define his body's lack yet if that were the instance surely he would have tried to kill Harry, weak or not, he knows he won't die completely, it seems odd he wouldn't have actually tried to murder Harry, but we have the right to be fairly sure he didn't - because if he had actually lhelp hands on Harry then he wouldn't have been surprised by the inability to touch Harry in PS.

Snape? Nope - why would he? Even if he HAD taken it, it would a lot of most likely have gone to Dumbledore, if Snape had kept it as a trophy (unmost likely, but possible) then how would it have actually gained back to Voldemort's hands in time for his reconstitution at Little Hangleton? Snape did not arrive till much, a lot later on after Potter's return to Hogwarts. Had Snape made efforts to return it previously than it is unlikely that Voldy would have actually been so persuaded he was a traitor when he takes stock of the Death Eaters at the cemetery. So Snape can't be the wands trustee either.

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That leaves 2 more possibilities;

Hagrid makes the observation that he retrieved Harry from the house simply prior to the muggle authorities started "swarming" about, it is therefore feasible that the wand also was among effects taken into consideration of evidentiary worth and organized in an proof locker somewright here and also inevitably retrieved by Pettiprospered on Voldemort's befifty percent. However before, offered to a muggle, it is basically simply a "stick" it appears unmost likely to have actually been preserved for so lengthy, even offered its proximity to at leastern two bodies (possibly 3, if Voldemort had actually left a corpoactual corpse), provided the muggles are likely to have been "encouraged" in the belief the home was damaged in a gas explosion or other mundane occurrence.

The final (and also to my mind a lot of intriguing) choice is that before Sirius and Hagrid (and Snape if you include the films within canon) getting here (and there's a question - why was Hagrid also there? Was he "Just in the neighbourhood"?) someone else arrived on the scene and took the wand also for factors unknown and observed to its go back to The Dark Lord prior to his resurrection. (Earlier - provided he had it to dispatch Frank Bryce)