The Paleolithic and also Neolithic ages were similar, however different. Life readjusted a lot native the Paleolithic age to the Neolithic age in state of society and technology. This is mainly due to the fact that of the event of the agricultural Revolution.

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The first difference is the time frame. The Paleolithic age lasted from about 2.5 million come 8,000 BCE, while the Neolithic period lasted from about 8,000-3,000 BCE, in some locations of the world. It may have actually been different since different areas had various climates which would certainly have affected their ability to adjust their lifestyle and also start farming.

Another difference is how civilization sourced your food. In the Paleolithic Age, world mainly hunted and gathered food in a nomadic way. This was also called the Old stone Age. Top top the various other hand, the Neolithic age, civilization were beginning to cultivate land. That meant they can live in one basic area.

In the Neolithic Age, people started to domesticate cattle, sheep, and goats. The Neolithic age was also known as the new Stone Age. Remember, that this didn’t take place in a day! pet domestication was a slow and gradual process.

There were also physical differences between people in the Paleolithic and also Neolithic Ages. Because that instance, in the Neolithic Age, women had much more children. This is due to the fact that the way of living wasn’t nomadic anymore. Top top the various other hand, in the Paleolithic Age, people were generally taller and also had a much longer life span than Neolithic people.

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Despite the differences, there were likewise similarities in between these two ages. Both Paleolithic and Neolithic human being used to keep records in the kind of pictures. That’s because neither had written records. In both times, hunter-gatherers supplied tools such as axes, knives, spears, and an ext to hunting animals and harvest tree to eat. Also, in both times, males were an ext involved in hunting animals while women foraged for nuts and also berries. Finally, and importantly, people in both eras wore some kind of clothing.

From clothing to tools and also domesticated animals, human life readjusted drastically from the Paleolithic age to the Neolithic Age. 2.5 million BCE come 3,000 BCE is a really long time, therefore you have the right to imagine how gradual the readjust was! back it was a very long timeframe, the developments in human being life set the structure for life as we recognize it today.