In The Dark Knight, The Joker told various reasons because that the scars top top his cheeks. Initially he said that his father offered him the cut on his cheek as a kid after his dad performed the very same act on his mother, which has the famous line "Why therefore serious?".

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The Joker likewise tells Rachel Dawes the his wife had scars as result of an accident and also that he reduced his own cheeks v a razor tongue to prove the scars did no matter.

He starts to tell Batman a 3rd story around how he might have to be disfigured.

Anybody knows what is the actual reason?Was the genuine reason pointed out in any comics or various other books?


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The pure nature the the Joker, specifically in the movie sense, is to be completely chaotic wanting "to watch the world burn". In other words, the Joker is the very meaning of the alignment: Chaotic Evil

In the movie, the conflicting stories around his past are over there on function to continue this nature of simply being an certified dealer of chaos.

Notice how we"re never given a recall of events during his story-telling, something an extremely prominent in the movie in order to repeat the audience of occasions past. Even Ra"s" origins were given flashbacks, back brief and nondescript.

The only facts come his backgrounds space that he started in Gotham, pitting low-level criminals versus each various other in elaborate robbery schemes wherein he comes out on top, through money.

As a suggest of reference, the opening scene that The Dark Knight shows his many recent attempt, with a absence of surprise from Gordon top top the situation of criminal killing each other throughout a heist.

But this is only the past year (time between the end of Batman Begins and the beginning of The Dark Knight) and also the rest of his timeline is what we view in the movie.

For clarification and also emphasis of the answer:

There is no true origin of the Joker in any kind of media.

As far as the comics, the very same is true:

There space a multitude of beginnings of the Joker told from gift a washed increase comedian the went nuts, to simply being that means from the start.

Though plenty of have to be related, a definitive history of the Joker has actually never been created in the comics, and his true name has never been confirmed.

No recounting the the Joker"s origin has actually been definitive, however, together he has been illustrated as lying for this reason often about his former life that he himself is confused as to what actually happened. Together he says in The killing Joke: "Sometimes ns remember it one way, occasionally another... If I"m going to have actually a past, I choose it to be multiple choice!"


The one true constant of any kind of depiction of the Joker is the he desires to assert come Batman that all the takes is One poor day to send anyone into the insanity the he resides everyday.

The most influential of this is during the brief story The killing Joke where he tortures Gordon practically to this point.

And this is also what renders the Joker together the well known villain the he is. Nobody can ever before be particular of something of that or what he will certainly do. Even if it is it be something together simplistic as his background to any of his plans, continuous fooling also the pinnacle the detectives choose Batman on lot of occasions.

As a final side note around Joker origin, the story that is most accepted as the "true" beginning is The killing Joke where he quits his task to it is in a comedian and goes fully nuts after being knocked right into a vat of mountain that bleaches his body the traditional Joker colours (all led to by Batman throughout a heist gone wrong).

But as there is no check of this origin to the Joker, even this have the right to be taken with a serial of salt.

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The Dark Knight"s translate of the Joker is based generally on the character"s very first two appearances in the Batman comics, and Alan Moore"s one-shot comic publication Batman: The killing Joke, i beg your pardon was offered to heath Ledger in order to prepare for his role.