The Hunger Games: just how Haymitch winner His gamings - and the cruel Price He payment While never explained in the films, Haymitch Abernathy winner the 50th Hunger gamings by outsmarting the Capitol, and also he paid a significant price for it.

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once readers and moviegoers were very first introduced to The Hunger Games" Haymitch Abernathy, the didn"t exactly make the best impression. The only surviving Hunger gamings victor from district 12 prior to the events of the key story, Haymitch came off together an unhelpful drunk who didn"t seem to care about the trials Katniss and Peeta were about to walk through. However as the collection progressed, he ended up ending up being one of Katniss" greatest allies and a an important part the the rebellion against the Capitol.

As an ext about Haymitch"s past was revealed, it became easier to understand why he had grown into such a harsh person. Winning the Hunger games is currently a traumatic experience, yet how Haymitch won, and also the after-effects of his actions, led him down a dark path.

at the age of 16, Haymitch was favored as a tribute because that the 50th Hunger Games. What made that year"s Games various was that it to be the 2nd Quarter Quell, a one-of-a-kind version the the gamings that adjusted the rules with special twists that made the game even more dangerous. The very first Quarter Quell, the 25th Games, had each district vote on who would act as tribute, rather 보다 being randomly chosen by the Capitol. Haymitch"s Hunger games doubled the number of tributes indigenous 24 to 48, picking 4 teens from each district rather of the regular two.

Haymitch was among the four chosen to represent District 12, and was sent into an arena that was as beautiful together it to be deadly. He managed to survive countless of the arena"s traps and stood his own against several opponents, at some point teaming increase with other District 12 tribute Maysilee Donner. The 2 traveled to the sheet of the arena, wherein Haymitch uncovered that the force field surrounding the arena bounced ago objects thrown at it. ~ Maysilee to be killed, Haymitch challenged off against the last remaining tribute, a girl from District 1. Despite she practically got the upper hand, Haymitch outsmarted she by leading she to the pressure field and dodging she axe throw, bring about it come bounce back and death her.

President snow in The Hunger gamings Mockingjay component 2
Haymitch was declared the victor, yet his selection to use the force ar to his advantage did no go over well through the human being of the Capitol. In stimulate to punish Haymitch for what was regarded as an plot of rebellion, president Snow had actually Haymitch"s family and also girlfriend killed. After that, Haymitch offered as the mentor because that several other future district 12 tributes, however the district"s negative performances in future games led to numerous deaths and losses. Considering the trauma that killing fellow tributes for sport, losing his family members at the hands of president Snow and watching almost every one of the tributes he mentored die, it"s no surprised that Haymitch turned to drinking and became closed turn off from others.

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Haymitch"s journey during his original Hunger games tournament is very comparable to Katniss" initial run. Both began out fighting and also surviving on their own prior to they created temporary alliances, v Rue serving as Katniss" variation of Maysilee. Unfortunately for both that them, they had to watch their allies die. Haymitch and also Katniss to be both may be to claim victory by outsmarting the Capitol and also using their very own tricks against them. Later on on, Katniss made it through her go back to the arena in Catching Fire for the 75th games in component due come Haymitch"s plan to conserve her and also bring she to ar 13. In the end, both Haymitch and Katniss were vital figures in the rebellion against the Capitol.

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