Eminem and Dr. Dre room an remarkable team, however, castle didn’t constantly know every other. In fact, Dre only wanted to satisfy Eminem since of an encounter he had with a well known producer at the gym. Here’s the story of exactly how the two icons involved work v each other.

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Eminem and Dr. Dre | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

How one an intern introduced a significant producer come Eminem’s music

Firstly, a small background. This all starts v Jimmy Iovine. Iovine is a producer and executive recognized for his occupational with a large array the musicians. He’s had actually production credits ~ above albums by anyone from john Lennon come Bruce Springsteen come Lady Gaga. In addition, he was critical to gaining Eminem’s career turn off the ground.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, he described how the was first exposed come Eminem’s music. “I heard something in the boy who provided it to me. He to be 19, one intern. He said, ‘I heard a ice on the street, in ~ this rap­athon.’ ns said, ‘Tell girlfriend what – civilization helped me a lot as soon as I was your age. Ns gonna perform something because that you. Bring me the CD, and I’ll beat it come Dre. I trust you enough.’ It to be a mix of the kid and what ns heard. And it all came together. Yet that’s producing.” Iovine discovered Eminem’s guts and lyrical prowess comparable to that of Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Iovine revealed what occurred when he presented Dre to Eminem’s music. ‘I placed him with Dre. Ns listen come music in my gym. Dre came by. I said, ‘Before friend leave, take it this. That a white rapper who sounds choose his pants room on fire. He is one pissed-off white guy.’ that says, ‘OK, I’ll examine it out.’ Dre says about six words a day. He calls me once he gets home: ‘Have this son out here on Monday.’”

What occurred when Dre. Dre met Eminem for the first time

According to NME, Eminem was starstruck upon conference Dre for the an initial time. He told Dre he saw him together a significant influence. Afterward, they worked together to write the tune “My name Is,” i beg your pardon would come to be one that the defining songs that Eminem’s early career.

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“My surname Is”

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A look at some of their major collaborations

“My surname Is” got to No. 36 ~ above the Billboard warm 100, ending up being his an initial top 40 single. It introduced Eminem as a humorous, provocative rapper. The song’s refrain of “My surname is (Chika-chicka) Slim Shady” came to be one of the most popular lyrics the 1990s rap. Afterward, Dre would work on a variety of Eminem’s albums, including The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, and The Marhsall Mathers LP 2. In addition, the two artists appeared together top top hits choose “Crack a Bottle” and also “I need a Doctor.” The rappers would end up being a legendary team – all because of one encounter at the gym.