Nelson Frazier, a previous WWE wrestler far better known for his phase names Mabel, Viscera and big Daddy V, passed away Tuesday at age 43 after enduring a huge heart attack."s Staff evidenced Frazier"s passing, stating:

WWE is saddened by the news the Nelson Frazier Jr., aka Big daddy V and Mabel, has passed away. A larger-than-life Superstar, Frazier to be a former civilization Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion and the 1995 King the the Ring.

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As the dark, formidable Viscera, he was additionally a member that Undertaker"s faction, The set of Darkness. Frazier"s vibrant personality made that a memorable contender throughout the attitude Era.

Our deepest condolences go the end to Frazier"s family, friends and fans.

The circumstances surrounding Frazier"s death are unclear at this time. The news was very first reported by Frazier"s agent, Eric Simms, who had received word native Frazier"s wife on Tuesday. 

Billed in ~ 6"9" and also 487 pounds, Frazier was not the type of wrestler who essential to goose his measurables for kayfabe purposes. He to be a mammoth, imposing force in the ring, towering over his opponents with a garish, intimidating gaze.

In various other worse, in the size-obsessed wrestling culture, Frazier was always bound to shine bright. He started working the independent circuit in his early 20s, detect success in the United states Wrestling Association prior to moving to WWE (then-WWF) in 1993 not lengthy after his 21st birthday.

Working under the initial character Mabel, Frazier didn"t need to wait long to wear WWE gold about his waist. As component of the tags team Men top top a Mission v Mo, Frazier recorded the sign Team Championship in 1994. Also in the days prior to WWE"s NXT and other developmental programs, the climb of Mabel together a character to be too noticeable for Vince McMahon"s creative team to not give him a push.


After breaking away from the men on a Mission come become more of a single"s competitor, Mabel famously won the 1995 King that the Ring tournament. But, for reasons to continue to be unknown, Frazier to be gone native WWE programming by 1996, beginning a string of starts and stops v the promotion.

Following his very first departure from WWE, Frazier again bounced approximately the independent circuits for year hoping come get another shot. That came a little an ext than 2 years ~ his departure, and McMahon had actually dreamed up a new character. 

Named Viscera, WWE started taking advantage of Frazier"s innate size and also intimidation element by pairing him v The Undertaker"s Ministry the Darkness for a short period. After a fallout’s out through The Undertaker"s stable, though, inertia again to win Frazier"s career. Never quite the many agile or functional in the ring, WWE again had actually trouble recognize the appropriate one and again left the company.

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That was the overarching template for Frazier"s career. Every the right size and also intimidation, there is no the perfect vehicle. When he went back to WWE because that his 3rd and final stint native 2004-08, the firm outfitted him in pajama pants and called the the "The World"s biggest Love Machine" before again convert his name to large Daddy V. 

Though Frazier never ever quite uncovered his character within the ring, it"s apparent he made an indelible impact outside the squared circle. Upon hearing of his passing, well-wishes because that Frazier"s family and also expressions that grief poured in indigenous the wrestling ar via society media:

Since leaving WWE because that the final time, Frazier hopped across different elevation outfits sporadically yet never quite stuck because that long. Todd Grisham of ESPN, who used to work with WWE, indicated Frazier had cleared up into a post-wrestling life in his hometown the Memphis with his wife. 

For most approximately the wrestling community, Frazier the person proved the distinguishable difference between on-screen character and off-screen personality. When intimidating and imposing within the squared circle, Grisham provided he was one of the kindest and warm-hearted civilization in the business once the bell rung.

Outside the ring, Frazier also made brief appearances together an actor. He remained in the straight-to-video movie Wrong side of Town with fellow wrestlers Dave Bautista and also Rob van Dam, and additionally made an illustration in the comedy The Legend the Awesomest Maximus.