So stop say you are dreaming the your very own swim pool, however every time girlfriend peer into your backyard, all you check out is a small, cramped space. Dreams dashed, right? no necessarily. One of the hottest fads in swimming pools is the plunge pool, which are perfect for ago yards where genuine estate is in ~ a premium and also a traditional, full-size swim pool just isn’t an option.

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In this article, us will offer you a complete overview the Plunge Pools and help you decide if that time to do one the centerpiece of her backyard oasis.

In the past, in order to have a swimming pool, a homeowner had actually to have actually a backyard that can accommodate a nice sizeable structure. Even putting in a smaller-sized pool might mean acquisition up a minimum that 500-600 square feet between the pool and surrounding landscaping.

A lot of homeowners one of two people don’t have actually a backyard big enough, or can’t preventive that much space.

The solution is the Plunge Pool, i m sorry is basically “Honey i Shrunk the swim Pool”. Sit in in between a hot bathtub and a full-sized swimming pool from a dimension standpoint, a Plunge Pool can fit in also the smallest of backyards. Many Plunge Pools room 20 feet or shorter in length, 8 feet or much less in width and also five feet or smaller in depth through a level bottom.

That size provides a homeowner options about placement. A tiny backyard, a side yard, or even a huge indoor sunroom might be the perfect spot because that a Plunge Pool.

Now, admittedly, you are not going come train for the Olympics or have actually a 20-person water volleyball game in a Plunge Pool. But a swimming pool that size have the right to still administer plenty of wellness benefits and fun times.

A Plunge swimming pool is the perfect ar for aquatic rehabilitation or exercise. Install jacuzzi jets because that a rejuvenating massage or put in swim jets and also get a great resistance workout. Hydrotherapy and also low-impact water aerobics performed in a Plunge pool can provide lasting health benefits.

And if its small size precludes some activities, you can still have some great water time in her Plunge Pool. If nothing else, that a great place come cool off after a difficult day in ~ work, or, if you feather for optional heaters, can be awesome on a cold winter day.

But one of the biggest benefits might be cost. Their smaller sized size method a purchase price and installation expenses that deserve to be as smaller fifty percent that of a traditional pool. Also, a smaller pool means a smaller maintenance and also chemical budget and lower utility bills.

So if a Plunge Pool have the right to be much less than fifty percent the dimension of the continuous pool, then does it stand to factor that it have the right to be much less than fifty percent the cost?

Well, yes and no.

As a basic rule, the smaller sized the dimension of a Plunge Pool way less cost. The fiberglass pool shell will be less expensive 보다 a complete size pool and also there must be much less excavation, backfill and also landscaping. A 30 come 40-foot leisure Pools swimming pool, such as “The Infinity” or “The Icon,” can quickly require an investment of end $70,000. Of course, girlfriend are likewise talking about installing a pool that has actually an 8-foot deep end and more than 20,000 gallons that water for you to enjoy. Consider the your plunge pool will certainly be under 20 feet and use just 1,200 gallons that water. Large difference – and you’ll check out a huge difference in price together a result.

However, a big part of the expense of installation a pool have the right to come indigenous extras the you have the right to add. Do you desire to include lighting? How about a water function such together a “The Cascade” or The Serenity? execute you desire to warm your swimming pool so you deserve to use it year-round? How around an expanded patio or an outdoor kitchen? every one of these can include significantly come the cost of her pool. Also, the size and also makeup of your backyard can potentially add to the expense of installation.

Your recreation Pools dealer can aid you put together a package for your swimming pool that can fit within your budget.

Because that the little size that Plunge Pools, this is a inquiry that come up a lot.

The price is yes, it’s technically possible, but definitely no recommended.

There room a lot of determinants that are associated in installing an in-ground fiberglass pool, from digging come leveling to plumbing to backfilling come a hundred other things. Your recreation Pools dealer has experienced pool installers ~ above their employee who often have years of endure in pool installation. They know where and how deep to dig, how to make certain that the swimming pool doesn’t leak and also what permits are important in her area.

Also, countless manufacturers need that you usage a certified installer or builder. Not doing so could void the warranties that room offered.

And, while installation a little pool might seem easy, remember the you still require to cut into your swimming pool to install a skimmer, returns and possibly main drains. You should be certain that her pool enables for clean and safe circulation of water. Your pool experienced understands what is required and how come properly set up the plumbing and electrical connections.

When using your plunge pool, there may be opportunities to use extr returns to push out water for added comfort and display. An additional option is to replace those returns v spa jets for an even stronger spray and elevate your hydrotherapy results.

Also remember that your pool need to be preserved safe. Be sure to talk about how to best attain this, even if it is it be a fence around your yard, or the usage of a pool cover or also an automatic pool cover for even greater safety and security.

So when you could be tempted to shot to attempt the task on her own, girlfriend will absolutely be much better off letting a professional handle it.

Leisure Pools provides two models of Plunge Pools, one of which should be perfect for your backyard.


The Fiji Plunge is a classic Plunge swimming pool – small, practically square and compact enough to fit in nearly any space. This pool offers a flat bottom floor and generous entry/exit procedures along one side. There’s also a vast bench that is the perfect spot because that spa jets. And also at 9’ 6”, girlfriend can conveniently install swim jets and also get a perfect swim workout.

The Palladium Plunge is supposed for somewhat bigger spaces. It comes in 2 lengths – 16 feet and 20 feet – and also is perfect for a long, narrow earlier yard. At one finish are entry/exit steps and two seats. In ~ the other finish is a wrap-around bench. In between is a level bottom to accommodate the 5-foot depth.

Leisure Pools additionally offers numerous pools that while not necessarily classified together a Plunge Pool, can definitely be the right selection for smaller spaces. Examine out ours blog write-up on little Backyard Pools for tiny Spaces the Are large Fun.

Obviously, many of the same questions that one would think about if installation a full-size pool also apply come a Plunge Pool.

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But there are a pair of considerations that homeowners thinking about a Plunge Pool likewise want to save in mind:

As we stated earlier, smaller sized backyards have the right to sometimes mean more complicated installations. Tighter spaces can be an overwhelming to destruction out and landscape. Your leisure Pools dealer will have the ability to give girlfriend an idea of any type of special obstacles your ago yard might present.Unlike a traditional pool, Plunge Pools have no shallow end. The a continual depth transparent the whole pool. If you have actually young kids in the home that aren’t good swimmers, a Plunge Pool can not be the ideal option.Most importantly, you have to do an honest evaluation of exactly how you and your family plans top top enjoying and using a pool. If you space thinking of making use of a plunge pool to relax ~ a long run, then perhaps the Fiji Plunge is the best pool for you with the enhancement of spa jets to aid soothe your muscles and provide faster recovery. If you arrangement on enjoying wonderful evenings in your pool v your spouse or friends, then the Palladium Plunge may be a much better option because that you together it uses a more creative design with distinctive seating and a little an ext room because that movement.

Review every your alternatives on the leisure Pools “Styles” page and then choose up your phone and also talk to her local recreation Pools dealer. Her dealer can carry out you with an ext insights and suggestions along with a free estimate so that you can acquire closer come enjoying her well-deserved “Life that Leisure.”