My show and tell collection continues now with my show and also tell letter x ideas. X is more than likely the most difficult of every the letters for a letter that the main show and also tell yet hopefully this write-up will assist to provide you part ideas.

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General Show and also Tell Tips:

Look v your kid’s stuffed animals and action figures. Sometimes you can discover a personality whose name starts v the letter the you need.Look v your child’s books. You can find a book with a title that begins with the letter that you needWhen every else stops working have her kiddo take it in an alphabet block v the letter on that or a an alphabet letter magnet.My child once soaked up a snapshot that he fancy from a colour book. The photo was of miscellaneous that began with the letter that the week and also he loved showing off his artwork throughout share time.

And this won’t aid you think of anything however this last pointer will help keep you the end of a bind-

My #1 Show and Tell Tip

Set a reminder or alarm on your phone for the night before show and tell.


That method you won’t forget and scramble to uncover something in your auto while friend wait in the drop off line because that school. Yes, yes the did take place to me. Don’t it is in me. You’re far better than that!

Show and also Tell Letter X

Now typically for letter the the main show and also tell you’re supposed to lug in something that begins with the letter of the week but for X periodically teachers allow any native that has actually an X in the so I’m walking to incorporate two lists- one because that words that begin with the letter X and also words that have actually X in them.

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Words that begin with X:

xylophonepirate map v X to mark the spot because that the sweetheart (you could draw this v your child)X cookie cutterX letter magnetxerox papersomething through the X-men top top it, or an X-men activity figurexiaosaurus dinosaur (we have a picture of one in a book we have around dinosaurs)

Words v X in them:


Have any kind of other show and tell letter X ideas? please be certain to share them in the comment below! Oh, and if you’re trying to find show and also tell concepts for various other letters then check out my short article that includes them all.