Corbin smoke is acquisition us ago in time. The High college Musical star newly took a pilgrimage with his mam of three years come revisit an iconic location from High institution Musical 2: Entrada at snow Canyon in Utah, whereby the 2007 sequel took place!

In the sequel, the HSM corridor spends their summer break working at a fictional country club dubbed Lava Springs, i beg your pardon is own by Sharpay’s wealthy family. If there space plenty of ups, downs, and also relationship dramas, everything works the end for the Wildcat crew in the end, and also they celebrate the class they’ve learned prior to heading ago to school. Remember that epic swimming pool party finale v an appearance native Miley Cyrus?

Corbin posted a few cute pics native his stay to Instagram, writing, “So funny going under memory lane and also staying at
entradasnowcanyon in Utah! As many of you can guess this is where we filmed HSM2 and I hadn’t been ago since! It to be awesome being able to show my wife a piece of mine past and to it is in reminded of part hilarious memories.”

Though the film to be released end a te ago, it’s reportedly still near and dear come fans’ mind — and they’ve been watched trying to recreate several of the performances! “The staff also let me understand that to this day they have to ask kids to not jump indigenous the waterfall favor we did,” Corbin wrote. His HSM2 costar Monique Coleman commented on the short article with nostalgic feel of her own, composing “OMG! Soooooo numerous memories.” We completely agree.

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While the original HSM actors have all get an impression up and also gone on come separate jobs (Corbin is right now starring in the classic Kiss Me Kate ~ above Broadway), the franchise chin has had actually a resurgence. A new Disney+ collection called High institution Musical: The Musical: The Series is set to premiere later this year v a new group that talented youngsters from east High, and also Zac Efron said he’d take into consideration making a cameo in the new show. While we may have actually said goodbye come Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Chad, and the rest of the gang, we’ll always have ours memories — and a visit to “Lava Springs” because that our following spring rest trip.

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