Whether your feet have actually simply touched Dutch soil or you have actually been living in the Netherlands for twenty years — the prospect of finding out this wondertotally guttural language have the right to be a scary one.

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While you might be listening in to conversations that consist of multiple “ooh”, “ghuhh”, “aggh” sounds and thinking, “nope, never going to compute.” It is indeed possible for you to interact in a Dutch conversation. Let’s run via the basic components of a basic Dutch conversation: “hello”, “exactly how are you” and also “goodbye!”

A language expert’s overview to fundamental Dutch phrases

To aid you sound prefer a native, we’re turning to a Dutch language expert. We’ve teamed up through the wonderful Mirko from TaalBoost, a Dutch language institution based in Amsterdam. Here’s the guy of the hour.


Tip: while it’s typical to greet someone in non-formal cases by saying either hallo or hoi in Dutch, it’s not widespread to usage those words while actually answering the phone. Many Dutchies present themselves by saying their (first) name immediately after they pick up a phone speak to. For instance, I would say “met Mirko”, which is short for “u spreekt met Mirko” (interpretation “you are speaking via Mirko.”)

Casual ways to say “hello” in Dutch

Hoi is an informal greeting. When addressing more world at the very same time, one would certainly generally say “hoi allemaal” or “hallo allemaal” — which is Dutch for “hi y’all.” Other informal methods of saying hello are hé (pronounced as hey), hai (pronounced as hi) and also ha.

Luckily, most daily encounters are likewise informal encounters in the Netherlands — unless you are talking with a perboy much older than you, a civil servant, or a member of the imperial family (yet who knows, possibly you’ll stumble across King Willem-Alexander sooner or later in the Westerpark.)

Formal means to say “hello” in Dutch

Should you find yourself confront to confront with a royal household member, it is best to remember that in a formal situation, you are not meant to usage hoi or any various other greeting mentioned so much. To be on the safe side, usage goedemiddag (definition good afternoon), goedemorgen (excellent morning) or goedenavond (great evening) — relying on the moment of day.

A shortened variation of goedemiddag is dag, which have the right to be provided both formally and informally. If you feel like tipping your hat and also curtseying more regularly, “dag meneer” (definition good day sir) or “dag mevrouw,” (great day madam) are a widespread means of addressing human being formally.

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Salso means to say “hello” in Dutch

Struggling to wrap your head around all this new vocab? Fear not! You can discover seven ways for you to say hello in the graphic/audio listed below. Find yourself a nice quiet corner, a can-carry out mindset and listen along.