The DS-160 form is required for any kind of us non-immigrant visa. Amongst other things, the asks because that previous US travel information.

Have girlfriend ever remained in the U.S.?If you answer ‘Yes’, you re welcome provide:Date Arrived:Format: DD-MM-YYYYIf you are unsure around when you saw the U.S., please administer your finest estimate. Length of Stay:Length of remain for each visit for the last five U.S. Visits. The consulate will certainly look to check out whether you left ~ above time. And if girlfriend did leaving on time, the chances of you acquiring a visa this time space higher, together it mirrors that girlfriend honored the necessity to return home during your last visit. However, if girlfriend overstayed throughout your last visit to the U.S., you might have difficulty getting a visa this time. Also, if the consulate finds the end that you have been stringing together visas to spend as much time as possible in the U.S., they might doubt your true intention and also may deny her visa. The consulate may likewise check to view if you have actually violated any type of other visa terms during your past visit(s). Carry out you or walk you ever before hold a U.S. Driver’s License?If you answer “Yes”, you re welcome provide:Driver’s license NumberState the Driver’s LicenseIf girlfriend held an ext than one U.S. Driver’s patent (one at a time, of course), click on “Add Another”, and also enter the above collection of info for each of them. Have you ever been issued a U.S. Visa?If girlfriend have ever been issued a U.S. Visa before (even if that is a different kind than you are right now applying), create details here accordingly. Many of the non-immigrant visas would not develop problems for returning come the U.S. Unless you had actually overstayed the visa expiration date and also stayed in the U.S. Illegally. Exception: if you were in the U.S. ~ above J1 (exchange visitor) visa and also haven’t however completed the 2-year “home country” residency requirement. Please consult an attorney if this applies to you. If you answer ‘Yes’, you will have to administer the following additional information:Date last Visa was IssuedIn Format: DD-MM-YYYY Are you using for the same kind of visa?Are you applying in the same country or location where the visa above was issued, and is this nation or location your location of major or residence?Have you been ten-printed?Ten-printed means that girlfriend have provided fingerprints for all your fingers, as opposed come having noted only 2 fingerprints.

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Has her U.S. Visa ever been lost or stolen?If girlfriend answer “Yes, go into the year visa was shed or stolen, and administer an explanation.Has your U.S. Visa ever before been cancelled or revoked?If you answer “Yes”, please carry out an explanation. Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, been refused admission to the unified States, or withdrawn your applications for admission at the allude of entry?If girlfriend have ever before been refused a U.S. Visa, compose the details about it here. You need to answer “Yes”, even if part other type of U.S. Visa was denied in the past. You must tell the truth here (and, of course, almost everywhere in this entire process). Consulates examine your record and documents anyway. Lock can also check even if it is you lied earlier, offered fraud papers to use for a visa before, or whether you violated visa state before. If any kind of of the is true, it would certainly be difficult for you to obtain a visa. Even if her visa is refused under ar 221(g) because of a lacking document, and now friend can present the document, that is however a refusal, and, therefore, you need to respond “Yes” to this inquiry and provide all the succeeding details requested. Many people have to be denied a traveler visa or college student visa in the past. That is not a problem if you use for an H1 visa, Fiance (K1) visa, etc. Later. However, if you were refused due to the fact that of part fraud, this application may be denied as well.

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Are you or have actually you ever before been a U.S. Legal permanent resident?Has anyone ever before filled an immigrant petition on her behalf with the United states Citizenship and also Immigration Service?Choose “Yes” or “No”. If you pick “Yes”, you re welcome explain.

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